Allentown Uber Accident Lawyer

Ubers are the most common form of hired vehicle in the Allentown area. These entities are considered “common carriers” under the law, a category that also includes Lyfts, taxis, and any other hired vehicles. Common carriers are any form of transportation used to move commercial items or people from one point to another.

Although convenient, Ubers and other common carriers can make for complex cases when collisions occur. When you or a loved one suffers a crash involving a hired vehicle, contact an Allentown Uber accident lawyer. The skilled attorneys at Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers can fight tirelessly to hold negligent drivers and companies accountable for your losses.

Accidents Involving Personal Cars vs. Hired Vehicles

Typically, there is more insurance on hired vehicles and transportation companies than on privately owned cars. When you are injured in a collision with an Uber, not only will the driver have a typical insurance policy, but there’s also another layer of insurance through the company they work for. On the other hand, taxis often have limited insurance; in these cases, our legal team often works to find other sources of recovery to ensure you are paid fairly for the value of your claim.

If you have limited tort insurance in Pennsylvania, it will not apply for accidents involving Uber, Lyft, or any hired transportation. Your Allentown attorney can further explain the unique aspects of car accident claims involving Ubers and help you navigate the insurance process.

Holding a Rideshare Driver Liable for a Crash

When an Uber driver causes an accident, they can be held accountable, as well as Uber. If another driver was at fault, they and their employer could be responsible.

After a ridesharing crash, hiring an experienced local attorney is crucial to maximizing your claim. Often, the individual will not have adequate insurance for more severe injuries and losses. To obtain full compensation, several additional sources of recovery might be available, such as:

  • The company the driver worked for
  • The municipality or state responsible for maintaining the highway
  • The car manufacturer of the hired vehicle

Navigating the different layers of available coverage requires support from a lawyer skilled at handling Uber collisions in Allentown.

Punitive Damages in Allentown Uber Accident Claims

If the Uber driver acted recklessly or with reckless indifference toward others, your attorney can help pursue punitive damages. Reckless behavior may include drunk, drugged, or distracted driving. Additionally, suppose Uber hired the person when there were signs that they were a potentially dangerous driver—for instance, they weren’t properly licensed or allowed to drive legally. In this case, the company could also be pursued for punitive damages.

Contact Our Allentown Attorneys for Help with Uber Accident Claims

Ridesharing wrecks often involve many potential layers of insurance and alternative sources of recovery beyond the individual driver. Navigating these layers and obtaining compensation that reflects the case’s true value takes expertise. Often, accepting a settlement from one source of recovery without taking steps to protect the right to pursue the others could lead to you losing out on much higher amounts of available compensation.

Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers are here to help you avoid these critical mistakes and obtain a positive outcome in your case. An Allentown Uber accident lawyer at our firm will fight for your best interests and support you throughout your recovery. We’ve helped over 30,000 people like you win the compensation they deserve after serious accidents. Call us to learn how we can help you, too.