Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play Lawsuits

Fisher-Price recently re-announced a recall notice for all models of its Rock ‘n Play Sleeper products. Before announcing the first recall notice for these products on April 12, 2019, the company had sold about 4.7 million units. The product featured a dangerous design, leading to over a hundred infant fatalities nationwide. At least eight of these deaths occurred since the initial recall announcement went out.

If your child suffered severe or fatal harm because Fisher-Price failed to warn you about the dangers of its product, you might have grounds to demand repayment for your family’s losses. A winning product liability lawyer at Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers will be a vital ally on your side during this type of litigation. Let us handle your Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play lawsuit while you focus on your family.

What Makes Rock ‘n Play Sleepers Dangerous?

The purpose of the Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play Sleeper was to let infants sleep in an inclined position rather than flat on their backs, sides, or stomachs. However, babies don’t have the strength to reposition themselves if they roll into a position that constricts their chest or airway. If an infant rolls onto their side or stomach while in the Rock ‘n Play sleeper, they are at substantial risk of getting trapped in that position and suffocating.

Other Dangerous Infant Sleeper Products

Unfortunately, Fisher-Price was one of many companies that designed these types of products. Kids2 issued a recall notice for nearly 700,000 units of their Rocking Sleepers line of products at the same time as Fisher-Price, as did various other companies making similar products. This notice came too late to prevent dozens of families from suffering devastating losses. Since recall notices are often underpublicized, many units of these products are still in use and being sold in secondhand shops.

Holding Fisher-Price Liable for Their Dangerous Product

Every company making consumer products in the United States has a duty to make sure those products are reasonably safe for their intended purposes. Manufacturers must create safe designs that work as intended and manufacture products to their exact specifications. A manufacturer must include instructions for using the product safely and warn about potential risks from normal use that might not be immediately obvious.

The Rock ‘n Play Sleeper was designed in a way that allowed infants to roll over and become trapped in a dangerous position. Fisher-Price failed to warn consumers about this possible risk. Because of that, they may hold civil liability for harm caused by either of these “defects.”

Contact Our Firm for Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play Lawsuits

Multiple class-action lawsuits are ongoing over the Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play Sleeper, most of which started before the recall notice went out. If your child was hurt by one of these products after the recall notice went out, you could still have grounds to file suit against Fisher-Price for failing to warn you of the product’s dangers. A product liability lawyer at Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers could discuss your options for Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play lawsuits during a free consultation. Call us today to get started.