Pennsylvania Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

For-profit nursing homes are one of the most profitable industries in America. Unfortunately, too often this is a result of these homes putting your money directly into their pockets, rather than putting your money into quality of care.

This has never been more obvious than during the coronavirus crisis — our front pages have been flooded with news of clear violations from coast to coast. They have been exposed.

Sadly, some of the worst actors in the country include some local nursing homes in our home state. While Covid-19 has endangered all of our elderly citizens, these nursing homes have lost an unprecedented number of patients in this crisis, and someone needs to hold them accountable for their actions (you can visit our dedicated Nursing Homes & Covid-19 page to learn more about our response).

The experienced lawyers at Ostroff Injury Law are not afraid of their deep pockets. We have won substantial recoveries and verdicts against them before. Our Pennsylvania nursing home abuse lawyers are already in the process of building cases for clients who have been harmed by some of the worst facilities in the country who have lost an unprecedented number of patients in this crisis.

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If you suspect your loved one is suffering from elder abuse, we urge you to take action by calling us. Not only is abuse wrong and unacceptable, but there are laws behind you that can help us hold the abusers and facility accountable. You’d be protecting your family member and other nursing home residents from falling victim again in the future. You do not need to prove that something is going wrong before calling our firm. Our Pennsylvania nursing home abuse lawyers can help you get to the bottom of what’s happening.

Contact Ostroff Injury Law’s Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers for a free, no-obligation consultation if you suspect your family member is suffering from nursing home neglect. If you do decide to retain our firm, we will not collect a fee unless we take legal action and win.