Erie Car Accident Lawyer

Whether a motor vehicle accident happens at high speed on an interstate like I-79 or a pedestrian that’s struck while walking across a street, the consequences can lead to severe physical, emotional, and financial harm. Additionally, it can be difficult to prove that the at-fault party is liable and obtain compensation without a skilled personal injury attorney.

Understanding your rights and how best to enforce them is essential to achieving a positive resolution to your claim. By working with a seasoned Erie car accident lawyer, you can protect your best interests while minimizing the risk of legal roadblocks getting in the way of the recovery you deserve.

Over the past 30 years, Founding Partner Jon Ostroff has successfully handled thousands of auto accident cases. For example, he recovered over $6 million in settlements on behalf of seven people who suffered severe injuries in a rural highway crash outside of Erie. Jon built his practice in western PA 30 years ago and is still at it, holding negligent NW PA drivers accountable for the harm they cause to his clients. Reach out to Jon and Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers today to learn more about how our legal team can help you.

Recoverable Damages Through Car Accident Litigation in Erie

Recovering financially after car crashes in Pennsylvania is a multi-step process that begins with insurance negotiations over an appropriate settlement amount. Under the state’s “no-fault” car insurance system, auto insurers are expected to pay for out-of-pocket losses like medical expenses and vehicle damage sustained by policyholders up to the limits of your policy.

However, obtaining financial recovery for economic losses not covered by an insurance policy or non-economic losses like pain and suffering can be more complicated. You must present evidence that someone else is responsible for your injuries and damages to obtain further compensation.

Limited Tort Insurance

If you have “limited tort” insurance, there are some restrictions on when you can obtain compensation for certain types of harm. For example, your policy may prohibit you from pursuing non-economic losses unless you suffered “serious” injuries. Fortunately, our car wreck attorneys at Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers have decades of experience working with injured drivers with limited tort.

Legal Statutes That May Impact Your Recovery

When you pursue a claim against the at-fault party, there are many important laws to keep in mind. Most notably, 42 Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes §7102 states that injured parties who are 51% or more at fault for their accidents cannot recover compensation. If you are less than 51% responsible, the court can reduce your monetary award by your percentage of fault.

Additionally, most injured parties must file suit within two years of the accident, according to 42 PA Con. Stat. §5524. However, there are some exceptions to this rule. For example, there may be an extension of the deadline if your injuries were not apparent immediately after the crash. A lawyer in Erie can explain these car accident laws in more detail during your initial consultation.

Our Erie Car Accident Attorneys Can Help You

It is never a good idea to pursue car accident litigation without legal counsel. Even if you have conclusive evidence that someone else was directly at fault for causing your injuries, obtaining every cent you’re entitled to can be difficult. We have been helping crash victims for over 30 years and are renowned for our results for our clients with limited and full tort insurance.

Representation from a skilled attorney is crucial to recovering compensation. Call Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers today to schedule a free consultation and learn how our Erie car accident lawyers can help you.