Drunk Driver Accidents in Allentown

Drunk and impaired drivers drive more recklessly and unsafely, putting everyone on the road at risk. They may speed, turn too quickly, or disobey stop signs and red lights. Intoxicated driving shows a lack of concern for the safety of others—because of this, juries in civil cases are more likely to punish drunk drivers with higher verdicts.

You need dedicated support and relentless representation after a DUI collision. At Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers, we know how to fight for those injured in drunk driver accidents in Allentown. Our seasoned attorneys will work to secure the settlement or verdict you deserve for the harm you should’ve never experienced.

At-Fault Parties in a Drunk Driving Wreck

Your Allentown attorney will typically file a claim against the intoxicated driver who caused the crash. Their employer could also be liable if they were driving for a company, especially if they had prior DUIs on their driving record. A parent who allowed their child to drive intoxicated could be at-fault, especially if the driver is underage. Under the Dram Shop Act, a bar or institution that served the driver alcohol when they were visibly intoxicated could be held partially liable for an ensuing DUI crash. Our seasoned DUI accident lawyers will assess every potentially responsible party to maximize the claim.

Partial Responsibility for a DUI Collision in Allentown

In some cases, the injured person hit by a drunk driver could be found partially liable for the accident. For instance, suppose one driver is entering a roadway with an obligation to yield and gets hit by a drunk driver traveling at an excessive rate of speed. The first driver had an obligation to yield, but the drunk driver was driving too fast and out of control to prevent the collision. This would be an example of a situation where both parties are partially at fault.

An experienced local attorney at our firm can navigate these situations and minimize our client’s responsibility for the drunk driving collision. We can highlight the other driver’s intoxication to overcome or greatly reduce the negligence assigned to our client.

Unique Aspects of DUI Accident Claims

The case is often worth substantially more when a drunk driver causes an accident and injuries. Unlike someone making a simple mistake, driving impaired is a decision to put others on the road at serious risk of harm. This behavior is not just reckless—it’s criminal.

Drunk drivers can be subject to punitive damages, and juries often award much higher verdicts when someone causes a DUI accident than when someone was simply negligent. When the potential verdicts are higher, cases will also settle for higher amounts. The insurance company will also pay more when the at-fault driver is impaired.

When someone’s behavior is reckless or criminal, such as driving under the influence, punitive damages are often available to punish them. As our Allentown attorneys can explain, DUI accident claims also often involve higher awards for economic losses and pain and suffering damages.

Criminal Charges for a DUI Collision

You do not have to press charges against the drunk driver after a DUI accident. The state or municipality where the crash occurred will make this decision. If the police or district attorney in Allentown brings criminal charges against the intoxicated driver, our local attorneys will use the evidence and findings from that case to support a civil claim for compensation.

The criminal and civil cases are handled separately. Often, we will find and give evidence to the state or municipality to help with the criminal case. Our firm is aggressive in obtaining evidence that might support both DUI cases.

Contact a Dedicated Attorney for DUI Accidents in Allentown

After a drunk driver accident in Allentown, our job as your lawyers is to take care of you. We will be there to guide you through the medical process and recommend care for your injuries. While you focus on healing, our team will work to hold the drunk driver accountable for your losses. We make the legal process as easy as possible and only involve you when you need or want to be.

Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers have represented victims of impaired drivers for over 30 years. During that time, we’ve worked closely with Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Call us today to learn how we can put our experience and dedication to work for you.