Texting While Driving Accidents in Allentown

Most municipalities will ticket or cite a driver for using their cell phone while driving. Texting while driving is illegal statewide in Pennsylvania. This kind of distraction can lead to more severe crashes and injuries to anyone involved. Although hands-free phone use while driving is permitted in Pennsylvania, this behavior can still take a driver’s attention away from the road, potentially leading to an accident.

Victims of texting while driving accidents in Allentown should consult legal counsel on holding negligent drivers accountable. A skilled attorney at Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers can pursue the compensation you deserve for the harm you should’ve never suffered.

How Can Phone Use Impact a Car Crash Claim?

When a driver is on their cell phone and injures someone else, this will raise the value of the claim. Texting while driving is not just a simple mistake; it’s illegal and reckless behavior that endangers everyone else on the road. New drivers may be even more at risk of getting into collisions while texting and driving, as they have lower reaction time and decision-making ability in hazardous situations. After an accident involving a driver who was texting, victims should consult our Allentown attorneys to learn the full value of their claims.

Evidence in Texting While Driving Accidents

Cell phone records are often useful in demonstrating that someone was on the phone. However, these can be harder to obtain the longer you wait. The sooner you contact a lawyer after a car crash in Allentown, the sooner they can begin collecting phone records and other important evidence. A lawyer can file a lawsuit and subpoena those records or obtain them through discovery.

Your local attorney can track down witnesses or security camera footage confirming that the driver was on their phone. The police accident report may note the driver’s reckless behavior as well. These forms of evidence will be crucial in building a strong claim for compensation after a texting accident.

What If I Was on My Phone During the Crash?

If the victim was on their phone when they were hit by another car, this could negatively impact the value of their claim. The defense may argue that the phone led to them being distracted and contributed to the collision. However, if phone usage did not contribute to the accident, the victim should still be able to recover compensation.

For example, suppose a person was texting while stopped at a light when they were rear-ended or using a hands-free phone when they were struck on the highway. The fact that they were on their phone will likely not be admissible evidence for the jury. In any case, those injured in texting car crashes should consult the Allentown attorneys at Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers to preserve their rights to compensation.

Contact an Allentown Lawyer After a Texting While Driving Crash

Texting behind the wheel is reckless and illegal behavior. Negligent drivers should be held financially accountable for the harm they cause to others on the road. When you suffer injuries through no fault of your own, you deserve legal support to help make things right.

The attorneys at Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers are experienced in cases involving texting while driving accidents in Allentown. We recently recovered $6,051,000 in total settlements for seven Pennsylvania residents injured in a highway vehicular crash. Managing Partner Rich Godshall and the rest of our team know how to fight and win on your behalf. Call us today to get started.