Allentown Rollover Accident Lawyer

Sometimes, an impact in a traffic collision can cause a vehicle to roll over. Rollover accidents often occur with forceful sideswipes or T-bone crashes. The occupants in the car can be thrown against the door, causing severe injuries or fatalities. Even with seatbelts on, survivors in these types of crashes often suffer bone fractures and head injuries.

After a rollover collision, you may be facing a long, painful healing process. Let an Allentown rollover accident lawyer at Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers explain your options for getting the resources you need to make your best recovery. Founding Partner Jon Ostroff and Managing Partner Rich Godshall are no strangers to these types of cases, and the firm has a long track record of success representing people in your situation.

The Dangers of Rollover Vehicle Collisions

When a car leaves its four wheels and rolls over, severe forces impact the vehicle occupants. As the car rolls, passengers may hang by their seatbelts, causing their heads to move violently. This can result in catastrophic injuries impacting the neck, shoulders, and brain. The weight of a person’s body shifting inside a rolling car can severely damage the spine. These accidents also come with a high risk of fatalities.

The best way to prevent rollovers and serious injuries is to wear a seatbelt and drive cautiously. However, these accidents are sometimes unavoidable, especially if the at-fault driver hits your vehicle at an angle. Our Allentown attorneys understand the catastrophic nature of rollover collisions and can help survivors and family members through the aftermath.

Building a Claim for Flipped Car Accidents

The sooner your lawyer can get to the evidence after a rollover crash in Allentown, the better. Important evidence like skid marks, debris, and vehicle damage can be altered or destroyed. Witnesses may be harder to locate after time has passed. Fresh evidence is crucial in building a strong case and getting the compensation you need.

Rollover accidents often cause severe injuries, making it important to seek immediate medical attention. At Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers, we ensure our clients get the best medical treatment from medical practitioners who will fairly assess their injuries and report them accurately. Medical documentation is another key aspect in building your claim for damages.

Many physicians are more interested in getting business from insurance companies, so they won’t accurately document and treat severe injuries from crashes. Some physicians have no interest in being involved in accident cases. Our Allentown lawyers will ensure you’re being treated by doctors who take you seriously and carefully document your rollover accident injuries.

Contact Our Allentown Attorneys after a Rollover Collision

In contacting an Allentown rollover accident lawyer, you should work with a firm that has a track record of success in your area. You want a legal team with experience, know-how, and fearlessness in taking on insurance companies.

Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers has helped over 30,000 injured victims across Pennsylvania recover from serious accidents. Our skilled attorneys know how to fight like hell to protect your rights and get the full value of your claim. There is no charge for your consultation, and you will not pay us anything unless we obtain compensation for your injuries. Call today to discuss your situation.