Bensalem Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Putting a loved one in a nursing home is a heart-wrenching, but often necessary decision which allows them to receive the round-the-clock care they need. Many people reach the point where frail health requires them to enter a nursing home.

The last thing you want to imagine is that your loved one would suffer abusive treatment in the facility. However, patients can suffer emotional and physical neglect and abuse at even the most expensive private facilities.

When you decide your relative must enter a nursing home, keeping a close eye on them is important. If you suspect they aren’t being treated well, contact a dedicated attorney at our firm right away. A Bensalem nursing home abuse lawyer at Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers will investigate and, if necessary, take legal action to protect your loved one.

How to Monitor Your Loved One’s Condition in a Nursing Home

Relatives often place a family member in a nursing home when they can no longer provide the necessary care. Even though the person is in a facility with trained staff, you must continue to pay close attention to your loved one’s condition. Nursing home employees sometimes get away with abuse because relatives didn’t notice the signs.

Choosing a Nursing Home

Try to find the right nursing home. If you have a choice of facilities, visit each one several times before you admit your loved one.

  • Make sure the facility and patients seem clean
  • Evaluate whether the staff seems attentive
  • Read the online reviews
  • Read the Pennsylvania Department of Health inspection (survey) reports
  • Read the Sanctions Reports, which list the penalties the Department of Health assessed
  • Ask your loved one’s doctor if they recommend the facility
  • Interview the Administrator and ask hard questions about the care they can provide to your relative

Ensure the administrator at the facility where your loved one will go knows that you intend to remain involved and monitor their wellbeing. When your loved one is admitted, visit as often as possible, preferably at different times of day and on varying days of the week. Get to know the staff that cares for them. Watch for signs of distress; if you notice any, demand an explanation immediately. If you don’t trust the answers you get, contact one of our Bensalem nursing home abuse attorneys.

What to do if You Suspect Nursing Home Abuse or Neglect

New residents often need some time to adjust to life in a nursing home. During this period, it can be tough to know whether a relative’s condition is related to a slow adjustment, declining health, or mistreatment. Many online resources exist that can help you learn how to distinguish poor care from the natural effects of aging and declining health.

Act immediately if you believe the nursing home staff is mistreating or neglecting your relative. You should:

  • Talk to the nursing home Administrator about your concerns and follow up in writing
  • File a complaint with the Pennsylvania Department of Health
  • Call your loved one’s doctor to report your observations
  • Contact a nearby lawyer and ask them to investigate the care your loved one is receiving at the facility

Sometimes, it turns out that your relative is getting appropriate care. However, it’s better to investigate a false alarm than ignore the feeling that something is wrong and find out that your loved one was being abused.

In many cases, your concern is justified. In that case, you could file a lawsuit seeking payment for the suffering your loved one endured because of the abuse. Talk with your nursing home neglect attorney about whether taking legal action is the best strategy in your case.

Get Help from a Bensalem Attorney for Nursing Home Abuse Cases

Mistreatment of older, vulnerable people is despicable, yet it frequently occurs in nursing homes and other care facilities. Family members must protect their loved ones who cannot advocate for themselves. When you suspect mistreatment at a nursing home, don’t delay. One of our Bensalem nursing home abuse lawyers will step in right away to protect your loved one and hold the nursing home accountable.

Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers recently resolved a local case for a substantial and confidential amount on behalf of the family of an elderly woman who suffered fatal injuries after the lighting conditions in her room were ignored, causing her to fall and die due to the darkness. Whether your case involves neglect or intentional abuse of a nursing home resident, we are here to provide your family with the support and skilled representation you need. Call us today.