Bensalem Defective Products Lawyer

Most people use countless consumer products daily, and manufacturers are responsible for ensuring that the products they sell are safe. When defective products reach the market, they could injure a user and cause serious harm. If you were hurt when a product you used malfunctioned, call a respected attorney to discuss the situation.

A Bensalem defective products lawyer at Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers can review your situation and decide if you have grounds for a lawsuit against the manufacturer. If you do, we will work to ensure the manufacturer pays for your pain, emotional trauma, medical costs, days off work, and any other effects of the injury.

Manufacturers are Responsible for Injuries Their Products Cause

When a company sells a product, it must be safe for use. The company must:

  • Use a safe design
  • Guard against mistakes in the production process
  • Provide reasonable instructions that provide a clear explanation of how to use the product safely
  • Include a warning if the product could be hazardous

The product may be considered defective if the company fails to do any of these things.

When defending itself in a defective product lawsuit, the company might claim that the product was altered since it left the factory. If you or another person made a substantial change to the item, the company might not be liable. Your Bensalem attorney can present evidence showing that any change you made was not significant enough to cause the problem that led to your injury.

Alternatively, a manufacturer might claim you misused the product, and that was the cause of the malfunction. If the company should have known that someone would use the product the way you did, it doesn’t matter if you used it exactly according to the directions. The company still owes you for the harm the product caused.

Dangerous Products Lawsuits in Bensalem

Sometimes, a person injured by a malfunctioning product will bring a lawsuit with their local attorney based on their personal experience. However, some products malfunction frequently and cause harm to many people. For example, home pressure cookers often explode and cause severe burns. Earplugs the army issued to soldiers failed, and the soldiers experienced hearing loss and tinnitus. Baby powder containing asbestos causes many users to develop cancer and lung problems.

When many people suffer injuries from the same product, mass tort lawsuits allow them to work together to hold the manufacturer responsible. This is usually a more efficient way to get compensation from a company that made a defective product. Talk to your Bensalem attorney about whether the product that injured you is the subject of a mass tort lawsuit.

Compensation for a Defective Product

When you get injured, you suffer physical pain. Depending on the type of injury, you might have pain for months or even the rest of your life. The manufacturer that produced the product that caused the injury must pay you for your pain.

You likely also suffered inconvenience, embarrassment, and mental trauma. The manufacturer also owes you for those losses. If the injury left you with scars or a disability, the company must pay you. If you can’t enjoy the pleasures of life because of your injury, the company owes you for that, too.

A Bensalem attorney at our firm will ensure the company compensates you for every effect of the defective product. The manufacturer must reimburse your property damage, medical bills, time off work, and other expenses related to your injury.

Contact a Bensalem Attorney to Discuss Product Liability

If you got hurt because a company sold a defective product, you need an advocate who is not afraid to take on the big manufacturers. At Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers, your Bensalem defective product lawyer will fight to get you every penny you deserve.

Don’t wait to act. If you were hurt because a product malfunctioned, contact our firm right away and speak to one of our winning attorneys about your situation. Founding Partner Jon Ostroff and the rest of our legal team have recovered millions of dollars for the families of those killed or seriously injured in product liability “design” cases involving dangerous forklifts, ladders, treadmills, exercise and fitness equipment, and other hazardous products at home or in the workplace. Regardless of what type of product harmed you, we are prepared to stand up for your rights.