Allentown Defective Products Lawyer

No matter what you buy or where you buy it from, you should be able to expect that every product you purchase is safe for you and your family to use. Unfortunately, not every company can be trusted to act with the safety of their customers in mind. This lack of care will lead to customers getting seriously hurt.

Companies that put unsafe products on the market can be made to pay for the harm they cause. If a dangerous flaw in something you bought has caused an injury, reach out to an Allentown defective products lawyer as soon as possible to talk about your legal options. At Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers, we have helped hundreds of clients across the state recover fair compensation in situations like these. In one case, Founding Partner Jon Ostroff obtained $600,000 for a client who underwent a hip surgery and the hip implant had a manufacturing defect, requiring the client to undergo a second surgery. Our seasoned attorneys are ready to get to work for you, so contact our office right away.

When Are Manufacturers Responsible for Injuries?

The first thing to know about filing a lawsuit or submitting a settlement demand related to a defective product is that not every situation is the basis for a civil claim. There are several things you must prove for your case against a product manufacturer to move forward, all of which an Allentown defective products attorney can explain in more detail.

First, the product which caused your injuries must have been defective in one of three specific ways: in the way it was designed, the way it was constructed or assembled, or whether a customer was sufficiently warned—or not warned—about how the product could be dangerous. Next, you must show that the product you are was defective when it left its manufacturer’s direct control and that its condition did not change in any significant way between that point and when you received it.

Finally, you must prove that the specific defect directly caused the injuries and related losses you are seeking compensation for. You must have been using the product in the manner it was intended to be used when you were hurt.

Recovering for All Available Damages

A product manufacturer found to have made and sold an unreasonably dangerous product can be made to pay for every form of harm a customer suffers as a result. With an Allentown product liability lawyer’s help, you can pursue fair and prompt compensation for financial losses like medical bills and missed work wages, as well as pain and suffering caused by a defective consumer item.

However, there are time limits for filing civil claims over injuries caused by dangerous products. In most situations, you have two years after getting hurt to begin filing your claim. However, there are exceptions to this two-year period under the “discovery rule.” The discovery rule might apply if you were reasonably delayed in knowing that a product injured you. For example, in cases where something like a medical device is placed in your body and later found to be faulty, the discovery rule could extend the time in which you are required to file your claim. A lawyer can explain the timeline of your filing requirements in more detail during an initial meeting.

Speak with an Allentown Defective Products Attorney Right Away

Filing a lawsuit over a dangerous product can be complicated in many ways. Without support from a qualified legal professional, you may not be able to get anything out of your claim, let alone enough compensation to cover all your past and future losses.

A respected Allentown defective products lawyer at Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers can provide the support you need to achieve the positive case result you want. Call today to set up your free initial consultation. We do not charge you anything until we win for you­­, so do not hesitate to reach out.