Allentown Dangerous Drugs Lawyer

Most medications you take will do what they are supposed to do without too many serious side effects, whether your doctor prescribed them to you, or you bought them off the shelf from a pharmacy or drugstore. Unfortunately, some drugs made and sold by massive pharmaceutical companies have associated risks that those companies do not tell doctors and consumers. Sometimes, these side effects can cause serious physical harm or death.

If you were harmed by an unsafe medication, an Allentown dangerous drugs lawyer can help you pursue the payments you are entitled to. Because of how hard drug manufacturers often fight to keep from being held liable for the harm their products cause, having the help of an experienced personal injury attorney is especially important in these cases. To learn more about your legal options after suffering a drug injury, contact us at Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers.

The Unique Nature of Dangerous Drug Cases

Lawmakers generally believe that giving big pharmaceutical companies the freedom to experiment and take risks is essential to making sure those companies can develop new and better medications. For that reason, a medicine not working well for a specific person or even having harmful side effects is not necessarily enough to justify a personal injury lawsuit.

It is a different story if a drug manufacturer does not do enough testing to discover all the harmful effects a new drug might have, or if they intentionally mislead about what side effects a drug has or what specific illnesses that drug could be used to treat. In this kind of situation, a drug manufacturer could be responsible for any harm that a person experiences from taking that medication.

Over the past 30 years, Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers has teamed with lawyers nationwide to hold pharmaceutical companies accountable for injuries and fatalities, including medications like Abilify, Nexium, Onglyza, Prilosec, Taxotere, testosterone supplements and Xarelto. If these or any other medications caused you harm that you were not properly warned about beforehand, an Allentown defective drugs attorney can help you enforce your legal right to compensation.

Filing a Lawsuit with Other Plaintiffs

Most drug manufacturers have decades of experience fighting personal injury claims. They invest lots of money to keep fighting all lawsuits against them. Fortunately, people who are hurt by the same dangerous or defective drug can often combine their claims and work together to increase their odds of getting positive results.

This is known as “mass tort litigation,” and it sometimes takes the form of a “class action lawsuit.” A dangerous drugs lawyer in Allentown can explain how these types of cases work during a private consultation.

Talk to an Allentown Dangerous Drugs Attorney About Legal Options

If a drug made by a massive pharmaceutical corporation has caused you serious physical harm, seeking financial recovery can be extremely hard to do by yourself. Instead, reach out to a knowledgeable legal professional who has helped people like you through similar situations before.

Your Allentown dangerous drugs lawyer can explain your rights and options during a free consultation. Schedule yours by calling today.