Damages in Allentown Bus Accident Claims

For many people, getting hurt in a bus accident will mean having to pay expensive medical bills and deal with numerous other harm such as painful permanent injuries, past and future income, and emotional distress. There are rules set by state law limiting the rights of people injured in certain types of bus accidents from seeking compensation for all their losses, as well as the total amount they can seek in a single case.

Understanding these restrictions on damages in Allentown bus accident claims can be very important to protecting your rights. Guidance from a knowledgeable bus accident lawyer will increase the odds of a positive case result and make sure you do not miss out on any money that a negligent bus driver, busing company, or government entity owes you for your injuries and losses.

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What Losses Could a Private Bus Company Be Liable For?

Traffic accidents involving buses owned and operated by businesses can be very similar to other types of motor vehicle accidents in terms of how financial recovery works. Because bus drivers have a commercial driver’s license (CDL), they are held to a higher standard than others on the road and can be held legally accountable when they do not uphold that standard. A negligent bus driver, or the company they work for, can be held directly liable to pay for the full value of all losses that you suffered because of that accident, including both economic and non-economic types of harm.

Potential compensable losses in an Allentown bus accident claim can include losses like missed work income, emergency medical bills and the cost of future care. There are various other losses that do not have specific financial values ,but are financially recoverable, such as physical pain, emotional trauma, lost consortium and loss of life’s pleasures. That said, the damages that you are able to seek compensation for will vary depending on exactly what injuries you suffered and how much those injuries will affect you moving forward. It is always worth talking with a knowledgeable attorney about recoverable damages, before trying to file a claim alone.

How State Laws Limit Recovery After Public Bus Crashes

There are two pieces of legislation in Pennsylvania that can potentially prevent people injured in public bus accidents from recovering the full value of their damages. First, the Sovereign Immunity Act makes it so that any single person filing a personal injury lawsuit against the state government or a state agency like PennDOT can only get a maximum of $250,000 for pain and suffering from their specific case. Furthermore, they can only recover for the following damages:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost work wages and/or ability to work
  • Property damage, with a few exceptions
  • Lost consortium
  • Pain and suffering

Second, the Political Subdivision Tort Claims Act sets a limit—or “cap”—of $500,000 on compensation from claims against local or municipal government agencies, with additional limits on who is allowed to seek recovery for pain and suffering. It is important to recognize that these laws do not apply to all bus accident cases, and the exact amount you are entitled to will depend on a number of factors. A knowledgeable lawyer can explain in more detail how these rules may affect damages in your Allentown bus accident claims and help you pursue the full amount you are entitled to.

An Allentown Attorney Can Help Seek Damages in a Bus Accident Claim

Even bus accidents that happen at low speed can still cause serious and long-lasting injuries to multiple people at once. If you were hurt in an incident like this, getting the maximum compensation possible from your lawsuit or settlement could be vital to protecting your future quality of life.

Recovering fair compensation for your damages in an Allentown bus accident claim is far more likely with a seasoned legal representative’s help. Call today to set up your free consultation ­– we are ready to get to work for you.