School Bus Accidents in Allentown

Any accident involving a privately or publicly operated bus can cause serious injuries to many people at once. Accidents involving school buses are unfortunately no exception. PA law treats personal injury cases against government employees or agencies differently than other lawsuits against private or commercial parties. It can be especially difficult to obtain fair compensation from a school district for harm caused by one of their bus drivers, or by reckless or careless behavior from someone else involved with school bus transportation.

Achieving positive results from lawsuits based on school bus accidents in Allentown is possible with a winning legal team in your corner. By working with a knowledgeable bus accident lawyer at Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers, Lehigh Valley residents maximize their chances of recovering the money you need to address the various injuries and losses this kind of incident can cause.

When Is a School Bus Accident Lawsuit Possible?

If a bus driver fails to follow traffic laws, does not pay attention to nearby cars, or does anything else to cause a wreck that results in their passengers getting hurt, they could be made to pay for any harm that comes from that accident. As someone with a commercial driver’s license (CDL), a bus driver is considered a “professional driver” and is required to act with even more care than others on the road. There are many situations where a traffic accident involving a school bus could serve as the basis for a personal injury claim in Allentown, not all of which involve a bus driver being negligent.

For example, if a bus driver was not properly licensed and trained to drive this kind of vehicle safely, or if they were hired despite having a record of traffic offenses or drunk driving, the school district or government entity that gave them their job could be liable for harm resulting from an accident. In other situations, a negligent bus driver’s employer could be held liable for the damage their employee causes even if the employer was not negligent themselves, based on a legal principle called “respondeat superior.”

Sometimes, liability for school bus accidents in Allentown lies with a mechanic who did not provide appropriate maintenance on the bus, a manufacturer that produced faulty parts, or even another driver whose own irresponsible actions made it impossible for a bus driver to avoid a crash. An experienced bus wreck attorney can go over the specific details of your case and explain your legal options based on the applicable circumstances.

Recovering for the Effects of School Bus Crash Injuries

Most children riding on school buses are not wearing seatbelts. As a result, they have an especially high risk of suffering severe injuries during traffic accidents. Demanding fair compensation after a school bus crash in Allentown may mean demanding money for both short-term and long-term losses, including:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost ability to work in the future
  • Lost wages for a parent or guardian who had to leave work to care for their injured child
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Loss of life’s pleasures

It is important to note that there are certain deadlines for filing school bus claims, so contacting legal counsel promptly after an accident is always best.

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When school buses get involved in traffic accidents, the results can be devastating for families. If you are dealing with the aftermath of a wreck like this, help is available from a legal professional that knows how to make the most of cases like yours.

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