Reading Truck Accident Lawyer

Every week, thousands of interstate tractor-trailers pass through Pennsylvania, transporting raw materials and finished goods to locations up and down the East Coast and across the country. Truck drivers are supposed to receive extensive training before receiving their commercial driver’s licenses (CDL). Unfortunately, this training does not prevent dangerous and aggressive tractor-trailer drivers from following the rules of the road. This conduct can result in catastrophic accidents that cause devastating harm to those involved.

If you were injured in an accident due to the negligence of a trucker or trucking company, a skilled personal injury attorney can help you recover compensation. Over the past 30 years, Founding Partner Jon Ostroff has won millions of dollars for injured auto accident victims.

In one case, Jon represented an individual who ran out of gas in the right lane of a major PA interstate. Our client was blocking traffic when a truck driver slammed into his car, causing an explosion. We won $10 million in compensation for this client in under 14 months. If you were hit by a tractor-trailer, reach out to our Reading truck accident lawyers to discuss your legal options. We will fight on your behalf to get what you deserve.

Recovering Compensation for All Your Damages

Fully loaded tractor-trailers are several times heavier than even the largest commuter cars, so the smaller vehicle almost always suffers the worst damage in truck collisions. Even at relatively low speeds, truck accidents can cause lacerations, broken bones, and severe spine injuries. At higher speeds, a crash may result in debilitating and potentially life-altering injuries like spinal cord damage and brain trauma.

The value of your injury claim is directly tied to the severity of your losses. Because truck wrecks have such severe consequences, it is important that you recover all your current and future damages. You have the right to seek compensation for:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Past and future medical expenses, including the cost of rehabilitative care
  • Replacement of a totaled vehicle, including short-term rental car expenses
  • Lost work income, including loss of professional opportunities
  • Loss of life’s pleasures

A seasoned Reading tractor-trailer accident attorney can help you value all your losses.

Who Could Be Liable for a Truck Wreck in Reading?

Another significant element in tractor-trailer accident claims is proving fault or liability. Truck wreck cases can be complicated because multiple parties may bear fault for a single incident.

The commercial trucking company can be held accountable for negligent actions by their driver based on a legal concept known as “vicarious liability.” A truck driver’s employer may also be held responsible for a crash if there were failures in training or enforcing that its driver is following the rules of the road. Additionally, some truck accidents occur partially or entirely due to the negligence of a third party like a mechanic, auto part manufacturer, or supplier.

In some cases, fault might lie with another driver on the road who, by acting irresponsibly, forced a truck driver into a situation where a crash was unavoidable. Our team of lawyers can work with you to identify all the parties responsible for your tractor-trailer collision.

Get in Touch with a Reading Truck Accident Attorney

Even if you have substantial evidence that a negligent truck driver caused you to suffer injuries in a crash, successfully filing and pursuing a lawsuit can be very complex and requires extensive legal training and experience. Without guidance from an experienced attorney, you are unlikely to recover all that you are entitled to.

A Reading truck accident lawyer from Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers can make a significant difference in how your case turns out. Contact our firm today to learn more.