Reading Construction Accident Lawyer

Even when everyone follows the safety rules and acts responsibly, construction sites can still be dangerous places where a small mistake or malfunction might lead to severe injuries. That risk increases if an employee, contractor, or company at one of these sites is reckless or careless. If you were hurt recently because of someone else’s negligence, you have the right to work with a skilled attorney and demand payment for the harm you suffered.

Lawsuits and settlement proposals based on construction-related injuries can be complex, making it important to have a seasoned attorney like Jon Ostroff helping you through the legal process. Once hired, your winning Reading construction accident lawyer at Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers will make sure your case is as strong as possible. We will fight for every cent of the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

Negligence-Related Injuries on Reading Construction Sites

Construction sites are full of machines and materials that can cause life-changing harm if mishandled, from sky-scraping cranes carrying multi-ton hunks of steel to wheelbarrows overloaded with gravel or sand. Someone who trips over misplaced items on the ground, slips and falls off a poorly installed scaffold, or gets hit by a falling object might suffer severe harm. Common injuries include bone fractures, soft tissue injuries like muscle tears, or even permanent spinal or brain damage.

The odds of an accident are even higher if workers on site are not properly trained, don’t have the skills necessary to perform their jobs safely, or go to work without getting enough rest. Employers who fail to give workers proper safety equipment or ensure machinery is in safe working order put everybody on site in danger.

Third-Party Liability for Worksite Accidents

Sometimes, liability for a construction accident can lie with someone who isn’t on-site at all. For example, a manufacturer that provided defective parts or devices or a contracting company that provided unqualified workers may be at fault for an accident. A local construction accident lawyer at our firm will help identify exactly how your injury happened and ensure the right people are held responsible for their misconduct.

When is a Construction Company Liable for an Accident?

Under Pennsylvania law, almost every construction company must get workers’ compensation insurance coverage for all their employees. This means that many construction workers who get hurt on the job can get paid for medical expenses and certain other losses through their employer’s workers’ comp plan. Because workers’ comp coverage kicks in automatically, workers can’t sue their employer for injuries and losses caused by that employer’s negligence.

A lawsuit might be possible if a third party, like a contractor or supplier, is responsible for causing an accident. At Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers, our renowned construction injury lawyers in Reading can explain what options might be available to you and help you achieve the best case result possible. In one recent case, our client suffered significant burn injuries from an electrical shock because safety practices were ignored by another company working on-site. After extensive litigation, we settled the claim for $1.2 million.

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Any injury that happens on a construction site can have life-altering consequences. Knowing and enforcing your legal rights after an accident like this can significantly impact your well-being and financial security.

Work with a Reading construction accident lawyer from our firm who knows how to fight like hell on your behalf. You will not pay us anything until we get the compensation you need for your injuries, so give us a call today to schedule a free consultation.