Insurance Claims for Reading Motorcycle Accidents

Most of the time, someone who gets hurt in a traffic accident will need to seek payment for their crash-related losses through their own Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance coverage first, and then potentially through an insurance claim—or personal injury lawsuit—against someone else involved in the incident. However, motorcycle insurance does not work the same way as standard car insurance in Pennsylvania, something which unfortunately takes a lot of injured bikers by unpleasant surprise after a wreck.

Understanding insurance claims for Reading motorcycle accidents in advance of trying to file one can do a lot to improve your chances of getting every cent of compensation you deserve. Our skilled motorcycle accident attorneys can explain the claims we can pursue for your crash injuries in more detail.

Damages Covered by Motorcycle Insurance

Pennsylvania law requires every motorcyclist who rides on public roads to buy specific minimum amounts of liability insurance: $15,000 of coverage for one person’s bodily injury, $30,000 for all injuries in a single accident, and $5,000 for all property damage in a single accident. This coverage is for the benefit of someone else involved in an accident with the policyholder, not the policyholder themselves.

Motorcycle insurance policies do not include the Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage typically provided through auto insurance policies, since they are not required to do so under state law. This means motorcycle insurance will not actually cover medical expenses for a motorcyclist injured in a wreck, and it will not cover other losses like missed work wages, motorcycle repair or replacement costs, or any form of physical or psychological suffering related to the accident. To recover these expenses, you’ll need to pursue the at-fault driver’s insurance policy. (If you’re in a car crash rather than on a motorcycle, you would go through your PIP coverage and first-party benefits from your own insurance first. This is not an option in a motorcycle wreck.)

Recovering payments for a motorcycle accident through an insurance claim in Reading may mean seeking reimbursement through health insurance or paying out of pocket until the at-fault insurance company pays your claim.

Do Limited Tort Rules Apply to Motorcycle Accidents?

Fortunately, all motorcycle insurance policies in Pennsylvania are full tort policies, as opposed to the limited tort policies some automobile drivers purchase, which may limit their right to file a civil suit after a crash. As a result, there are rarely any restrictions on the rights of motorcyclists to sue the person who hit them while driving, and this is sometimes the best course of action for seeking civil recovery.

A comprehensive lawsuit or settlement demand can incorporate losses insurance wouldn’t cover, including:

  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Emotional anguish and psychological trauma
  • Loss of life’s pleasures
  • Past and expected future medical bills
  • Lost work income and/or earning capacity
  • Various forms of personal property damage/loss

Support from a knowledgeable legal professional is essential to getting a good result from any motorcycle accident claim in Reading.

A Reading Attorney Can Assist You With a Motorcycle Accident Insurance Claim

Compared to traditional auto insurance, motorcycle insurance policies don’t provide as much protection to the riders who pay for them. However, that doesn’t mean it’s pointless to seek compensation through insurance coverage after this kind of wreck. Ostroff Godshall can help you to get the best case result possible.

One of our winning lawyers can answer any questions you have and offer guidance about the next steps during a private meeting. Call today to learn more and schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.