Injuries in Reading Motorcycle Accidents

Even when you wear proper safety and protective gear, falling off a motorcycle at a high rate of speed or being hit by a negligent driver can lead to extremely serious injuries. Often, you’re lucky if you can walk away from this sort of wreck with injuries that will heal completely over time, and it’s unfortunately common for people involved in motorcycle crashes to be left with permanent and life-altering trauma.

The best legal pathway toward recovering fairly for injuries in Reading motorcycle accidents can vary from person to person, but working with our seasoned motorcycle accident attorneys can dramatically improve your odds of a successful case. Contact Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers for a free, no-obligation consultation.

Skull Fractures and Brain Trauma

One of the most dangerous injuries anyone can sustain in an auto accident is a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Even mild damage to the brain can have long-lasting effects that can be difficult to treat even with immediate medical care, and more severe trauma often results in permanent losses of sensory, motor, or cognitive function. While it’s not strictly required by state law for riders over 21 with several years of riding experience, wearing an approved motorcycle helmet is the best way to reduce your risk of suffering a TBI in a motorcycle accident in Reading and various other injuries like broken teeth, facial damage, and skull fractures.

“Road Rash” and Burns

The term “road rash” hardly does justice to how painful and debilitating it can be to sustain abrasions and lacerations over much of your body after being thrown from a motorcycle and sliding across the asphalt or concrete surface of the road. Wearing appropriate riding clothing like long, tight-fitting pants and a leather jacket can help reduce the severity of this sort of injury, but it’s still a very common outcome from a motorcycle wreck in Reading.

Broken Bones

Almost any bone in the body can sustain a fracture, breaking in two, or even being crushed in a serious motorcycle accident. That said, this kind of injury most commonly affects the lower legs, hands, and ribs since these areas of the body are most likely to suffer a direct impact during a typical motorcycle crash in Reading.

Spinal Cord Damage

Even though it’s protected by the spine’s vertebrae, a direct blow to the back or neck during a motorcycle crash in Reading can easily lead to the spinal cord being bruised, torn, or completely severed, resulting in various degrees of paralysis below the injury site.

A Reading Attorney Can Get You Paid Fairly for Motorcycle Accident Injuries

These are just some of the injuries in Reading motorcycle accidents that our experienced legal professionals regularly help people like you seek fair financial recovery for. No matter the specific way in which you were hurt, you have a right to demand reimbursement for any and all harm you’ve already experienced and will experience in the future due to a motorcycle crash caused by another’s negligence.

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