Failure to Yield Car Accidents in Norristown

Pennsylvania law details the rules for yielding when motor vehicles, bicycles, or pedestrians meet at an intersection. Every driver is expected to know these rules of the road; if a driver causes a collision because they failed to yield properly, they can usually be considered legally “negligent” and held liable for the harm they caused.

Failure to yield car accidents in Norristown can often serve as solid grounds for a personal injury lawsuit or settlement demand. However, these cases require representation from a respected car accident attoreny throughout the legal process. With Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers on your side, you’ll have a much better chance of recovering every cent you deserve for your injuries than if you try to handle your case alone. Our track record includes $4.1 million in total settlements for four passengers injured in a one-vehicle crash on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. We know how to fight for what you deserve.

What Are the Yielding Laws for Drivers in Norristown?

75 Pennsylvania Consolidated Statute § 3323 establishes the following rules for drivers, riders, and pedestrians proceeding through intersections:

  • Drivers must always yield to pedestrians walking in marked crosswalks, crossing the road at an intersection without a traffic light, or walking on sidewalks crossing over driveways or alleys.
  • Drivers entering a roundabout must always yield to drivers already in the roundabout.
  • Drivers turning left at intersections must always yield to drivers proceeding straight through the intersection.
  • Vehicles entering public roads from driveways, alleys, or private roads must yield to all traffic already on the road.
  • All vehicles approaching four-way stops must come to a complete stop and proceed into the intersection in the order in which they first arrived.
  • If two drivers reach an intersection at roughly the same time, the driver coming from the left must always yield to the driver coming from the right.

Anyone who fails to follow these rules has broken Pennsylvania law, which means they have breached the “duty of care” they have as a licensed driver. Proving that a “breach of duty” was the main cause of a failure to yield car accident is essential to getting a good result from a civil claim, as our experienced local attorneys can attest.

Proving that Someone Else Caused a Crash by Failing to Yield

Often, someone who causes a crash by failing to yield properly will receive a traffic offense citation from a police officer responding to the accident scene. In this scenario, establishing civil fault for injuries stemming from that crash can be as simple as referencing the report created by that police officer and highlighting the traffic citation.

Without a citation, you and your Norristown lawyer must prove that the other driver negligently caused the failure to yield car crash. Support from an experienced legal representative can be essential to collecting and preserving evidence like witness statements, dashboard and surveillance camera footage, photos of the accident scene, and input from accident reconstruction experts. Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers are skilled at collecting this information to factor into a comprehensive claim.

Call a Norristown Attorney After a Failure to Yield Car Accident

All drivers in Pennsylvania have the same duty to follow the rules of the road, including those that govern yielding to other drivers and pedestrians. If someone fails to follow these rules and causes a collision, they should be the one to pay for your accident-related losses, not you.

Help is available from an attorney experienced in handling claims for failure to yield car accidents in Norristown. Contact Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.