Jackknife Truck Accidents in Lewisburg

Unlike box trucks and other smaller commercial vehicles, tractor-trailers have a rotating hinge where the cab and trailer connect in order to make it easier for the truck to make sharp turns and so trailers can be swapped out between routes. As a result, the cab and trailer of a semi-truck each have their own separate momentum while the truck is moving, and that can lead to each part moving in different directions in the event the truck’s driver loses control at high speed.

Jackknife truck accidents in Lewisburg tend to cause immense and widespread damage when they do. When you are hurt in a wreck like this, working closely with a winning truck accident attorney will make a big difference in how effectively you can enforce your rights and whether you can get paid fairly for the harm you should never have sustained.

How Negligence Can Cause a Truck to Jackknife

Jackknife truck wrecks in Lewisburg involve a tractor-trailer losing traction with the road while traveling at a high rate of speed and skidding in such a way that the trailer kicks out to the side of or sometimes all the way in front of the cab, folding the truck into a jackknife shape. Going over the speed limit is a common cause of jackknife wrecks, as are other reckless and careless driving behaviors like taking turns too sharply, not adjusting speed for bad road conditions, and driving while drunk or distracted.

An individual truck driver isn’t always the only person who holds civil liability for a crash of this nature. For example, trucking companies can often be held vicariously liable for negligence by someone they hired to drive their truck. Alternatively, worn-down tires, mechanical failures, and loads shifting unexpectedly during transit can all increase the risk of a truck jackknifing and can also stem from negligence by a third party like a mechanic, a parts manufacturer, or a supplier.

Recovering for Losses After a Jackknife Crash

No matter who specifically is to blame for causing a jackknife truck wreck in Lewisburg, anyone you can prove legally liable for your accident can be made to pay financially for all your losses stemming from the crash, including:

  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Loss of life’s pleasures
  • Emotional and psychological anguish
  • Medical bills and related expenses, like the cost of a wheelchair or home modifications
  • Lost work wages and working and earning ability
  • Personal property damage, including car repair or replacement costs

Because of the rules that Pennsylvania law places on auto accident litigation, you’ll likely recover for at least some of these damages through your own insurance or the insurance held by the truck driver involved in the crash. Help from skilled legal counsel can be vital to maximizing the amount of money you ultimately take home after your case is over.

Contact a Lewisburg Attorney for Help With a Jackknife Truck Accident Claim

Jackknifing trucks often end up hitting multiple other cars and seriously injuring multiple people in those cars before they come to a stop. This is one of the more dangerous types of accidents that can happen on the road and creates options for civil recovery.

Talking to a seasoned lawyer after your jackknife truck accident in Lewisburg can give you answers to important questions and guidance about the next steps you should take to protect your rights. Call Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers today to discuss your options.