Blind Spot Truck Accidents in Lewisburg

Every car, truck, and SUV has blind spots immediately beyond their front and back bumpers as well as extending out from the side doors, where the driver can’t easily see obstacles, people, and sometimes entire other cars. Commercial tractor-trailers have especially big blind spots compared to any other street-legal vehicle. The consequences of a truck driver failing to check their blind spots before turning or changing lanes tend to be much worse than when a regular commuter car driver does the same.

Filing suit over blind spot truck accidents in Lewisburg can be more legally complicated than you might expect, especially if there isn’t a lot of evidence showing what happened and precisely who was where during the wreck. Help from a skilled truck crash attorney can be essential to getting the money you deserve for the harm you should never have sustained.

Who Is Liable for a Blind Spot Truck Crash?

Like other truck accidents, civil claims over blind spot truck crashes in Lewisburg typically revolve around the legal theory of negligence. This theory allows you to sue someone over harm they caused by doing something specifically reckless or careless that a reasonable person shouldn’t or wouldn’t have done under the circumstances. In the context of a traffic collision, this usually means breaking a traffic law, driving while drunk or distracted, or otherwise acting carelessly or aggressively behind the wheel.

It’s also possible for someone who gets hit and hurt by a truck driver to have been negligent themselves—for example, because they stayed inside a truck driver’s blind spot for an unreasonable amount of time. Proving someone else is at fault for this sort of wreck based on negligence while also proving you didn’t hold any comparative fault for your own injuries can be crucial to getting paid comprehensively for all your losses.

Recovering Fairly Within Filing Time Limits

Recoverable damages following a no-zone truck wreck in Lewisburg can include both economic and non-economic forms of harm. Specific damages that often play a role in claims like this include:

  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Medical bills not covered by insurance
  • Emotional and psychological anguish
  • Car damage and other personal property loss not covered by insurance
  • Loss of life’s pleasures
  • Lost ability to work and earn income due to a long-term injury, plus lost work wages and benefits

As a skilled legal professional can further explain, you typically only have two years at most after your accident actually happened to file suit over it in accordance with Pennsylvania law. Taking action sooner rather than later is almost always a good idea.

Get Help from a Lewisburg Attorney After a Blind Spot Truck Accident

Even though they can’t easily see things in their blind spots, commercial truck drivers still have a legal duty to check them as thoroughly as possible with mirrors, collision detection systems, and anything else at their disposal while they’re driving. Failing to do this can result in substantial damage to their truck and other vehicles and severe injuries with life-altering consequences.

When a blind spot truck accident in Lewisburg left you seriously hurt, you have limited time to enforce your legal rights and formally demand compensation for your losses. Call Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers today to get started on your unique claim. You won’t owe us anything until we win the compensation you deserve.