Lewisburg Burn Injury Lawyer

Whether it comes from an open flame, hot metal, chemicals, or any other source, a severe burn is a painful injury that can have long-lasting negative effects. If your burns were caused by another person’s careless or reckless behavior, you are entitled to compensation for your losses.

Unfortunately, getting the payments you need without help from an experienced attorney can be difficult. At Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers, our Lewisburg burn injury lawyers know how to handle these types of claims and fight for your best interests. Founding Partner Jon Ostroff and the rest of our skilled team have successfully recovered millions in settlements and verdicts. Recently, we won $1.2 million for a client who sustained severe burns from an electrical shock on the job. Trust us to handle your case and get the payment you deserve.

Can I Bring a Lawsuit for Burn Injuries?

Generally, anyone who causes another person to get hurt by acting recklessly or carelessly could be held liable for every negative effect of their injuries, both now and in the future. To be the basis for a lawsuit or settlement proposal, an injury must have been serious enough to require treatment from a qualified medical professional. This could be a primary care physician (PCP), a doctor at an urgent care clinic, or someone at a hospital.

First-Degree Burns

This is important in burn injury cases, as most mild burns do not require you to visit the doctor. First-degree burns—burns that damage just the outer layer of skin—can be painful, but they usually heal on their own after a few days, with maybe some help from cold water and basic first aid. Even if an injury like this happens because of another person’s recklessness, it probably doesn’t justify a lawsuit.

Second and Third-Degree Burns

On the other hand, second-degree and third-degree burns that affect multiple skin layers and may result in permanent scarring do require professional care. First-degree burns that cover much of the body or affect sensitive areas like the hands or groin may also require medical attention. Your Lewisburg attorney can discuss whether your burn injury might allow you to file suit during a free consultation.

Proving Someone Else to Blame for a Burn

If you were severely burned in an accident, you and your lawyer must prove that another person was legally negligent to make them pay for your losses. This means proving that all the following facts are true:

  • The other person owed a “duty” to you to act responsibly in a specific situation
  • The other person didn’t act responsibly like they were supposed to
  • The other person directly caused an accident to happen because they were acting irresponsibly
  • That accident directly caused a serious burn

Help from a burn accident lawyer in Lewisburg can be essential to prove a person “negligent” in this way and make them pay for every form of harm their actions cause. At Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers, our seasoned burn attorneys can bring a claim to address your physical pain and suffering, lost work wages, medical bills, emotional distress, and more.

Get Help from a Lewisburg Burn Injury Attorney

Being burned can be extremely painful, even if the wounds eventually heal. In more serious situations, a burn can cause permanent nerve damage and leave scars that last a lifetime. If you suffered a severe burn because another person was reckless or careless, you should not have to bear the burden of paying for that injury.

Our Lewisburg burn injury lawyers know how to get you paid for the harm you should never have had to suffer. There is no charge for your consultation, and you will not pay us anything until we get you the compensation you need. Call Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers today to get started.