Eatontown Bus Accident Lawyer

Traveling by bus is much safer than driving or riding in a personal vehicle. The unfortunate fact is, bus wrecks can and do happen more often than you might think, and many of them wind up causing catastrophic injuries that result in life-changing losses.

Taking legal action over a bus crash can be uniquely difficult compared to many other types of claims, especially if you try to do so without support from a skilled personal injury attorney. With a winning Eatontown bus accident lawyer by your side, you’ll be able to more efficiently build the strongest possible civil claim and more effectively pursue compensation for all your crash-related damages.

In a previous case, Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers proved a Greyhound driver was too tired to drive safely and crashed a bus full of passengers into a truck. We recovered $21.3 million in verdicts and settlements on behalf of numerous injured people. With a lawyer like Jon Ostroff on your side, you can recover fair compensation against a negligent bus driver or busing company.

Private Versus Public Bus Crash Claims

For the most part, filing a lawsuit over a bus crash of any kind works the same as filing suit over any other type of accident leading to a personal injury. Bus drivers and bus companies have a duty of care requiring them to keep passengers and other people around them reasonably safe. If they cause a wreck by acting recklessly or carelessly in violation of that duty, they can typically be held financially liable for losses caused by the accident based on their negligence.

Some special rules and restrictions for claims based on public transit accidents don’t apply to other kinds of bus accident cases, as your Eatontown attorney can explain in more detail. Most notably, you’ll typically have to notify the transit agency in writing of your intention to sue them within 90 days of your accident.

Can You Sue Over Bus Accidents That Weren’t Crashes?

There doesn’t necessarily have to be a traffic collision for you to have grounds to file a personal injury claim against a bus driver or busing company. This is because the duty of care bus operators have requires them to follow traffic laws and pay attention while driving, but also to drive in such a way that they don’t put their passengers at risk of injury while they’re onboard.

If you were hurt while riding a bus because your driver braked too fast and caused you to fall out of your seat or if you were severely cut by a jagged piece of metal sticking out of your seat, you might be able to sue over that even if there wasn’t a wreck involving any other vehicles. A bus accident lawyer in Eatontown can discuss what your recovery options might be during a free, no-obligation consultation.

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Nobody deserves to get hurt in any way while riding the bus, and certainly not because of misconduct by their bus driver or anyone else involved in the operation of that bus. If you try to pursue a suit alone, you may have a low chance of getting the compensation you deserve.

Our team has recovered tens of millions of dollars for bus accident victims in the past, and we can put our expertise to work for you. Call today to learn more about how an Eatontown bus accident lawyer can assist you.