Bethlehem Dangerous Drugs Lawyer

The prescription and over-the-counter medications that millions of Americans take every day are, for the most part, thoroughly tested before they are sold to make sure they are reasonably safe. Unfortunately, there are many examples of medical products that were not tested enough before their public release, and even of manufacturers knowingly hiding certain side effects from the public, causing serious harm to thousands of people each year.

If the medicine you took had serious side effects that you were not properly warned about, you have legal options. A knowledgeable personal injury attorney can help you hold the company that made or sold the drug financially accountable for your losses. These cases tend to be complicated, so hiring a skilled Bethlehem dangerous drugs lawyer is essential to protecting your rights. At Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers, we have the experience needed to handle your hazardous medication case and get you the compensation you need and deserve.

Building a Strong Defective Drug Case

Every pharmaceutical company has a legal responsibility to make sure their products are reasonably safe when they are used for their intended purposes. While this “duty”—to use the legal term for it—does not make them financially liable for every negative effect one of their medications has on anyone, it does require them to put a reasonable amount of effort into testing their products for possible hazards, and then making sure both customers and doctors know about those hazards in advance.

If a manufacturer does not make reasonable efforts to discover all of a product’s side effects, or knows about a dangerous side effect but deliberately does not tell doctors or consumers about it, they could be strictly liable for harm that results. As a Bethlehem dangerous drugs attorney can explain, this is different from the theory of “negligence” that most other personal injury cases are built around, since it allows a manufacturer to be made to pay damages even if the person suing them cannot show that they did anything specifically reckless or careless that directly led to injuries.

What Damages Could Be Available in Your Case?

Through a lawsuit or settlement proposal, a dangerous drugs attorney in Bethlehem can pursue compensation for your:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost work wages and/or future earning ability
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Loss of life’s pleasures
  • Lost consortium
  • Emotional anguish

Pharmaceutical companies and corporations usually have huge legal teams with lots of experience fighting claims like this, which is why it is imperative to work with a legal team with a track record of success. Drug companies pour money and resources into fighting back against lawsuits, so in some cases, your best option might be to join forces with other people who were hurt in the same way. A seasoned attorney at Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers can explain how mass tort litigation works and help you understand whether a class action lawsuit is a viable option for you.

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Modern medical science has provided Pennsylvanians with cutting-edge treatments for countless illnesses and chronic injuries. Unfortunately, the pace of progress that pharmaceutical companies maintain can sometimes lead to products being put on the market that are not completely safe for patients to use.

In situations like this, representation from a Bethlehem dangerous drugs lawyer can make a huge difference in your ability to enforce your rights and recover much-needed compensation. Learn more by calling today.