Bethlehem Car Accident Lawyer

Car accidents are far too common. Most people can expect to experience at least one vehicle collision in their lifetime. The aftermath of an auto accident can be devastating. In addition to dealing with severe injuries and medical bills, you will likely need to communicate with insurance companies.

If you were harmed in a vehicle crash, reach out to our Bethlehem car accident lawyers at Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers. Depending on the circumstances, you could pursue financial recovery from the negligent parties who contributed to the crash. Our team has secured hundreds of millions of dollars for clients injured in auto accident cases.

In one claim, we recovered $2.8 million for a woman and her daughter, who were injured in a highway crash. In another case, we won $1.95 million for a client who suffered a severe shoulder injury after a Lehigh Valley accident near the Northeast extension. Get in touch with our skilled legal team of personal injury lawyers to discover what we can do for you.

Compensation Available After a Car Accident in Bethlehem

Pennsylvania law requires all drivers to carry auto insurance that includes liability protection and coverage for accident-related medical bills. Whenever you suffer injuries in an accident, your insurance will pay your out-of-pocket medical expenses up to the amount of your policy limits.

In some cases, you can sue an at-fault driver for your non-economic losses. This type of compensation—often called “pain and suffering” damages—covers the intangible losses from being injured. In some circumstances, you can receive compensation for your physical pain, emotional trauma, disability, disfigurement, and other injury-related limitations that diminish your quality of life. A skilled attorney from Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers can help you understand all the types of compensation available to you after a vehicle collision.

How Different Types of Insurance Coverage Determine Your Legal Options

Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes Annotated §1705 offers local drivers two options when buying car insurance. You may choose between limited tort and full tort coverage.

Full tort coverage allows you to sue an at-fault driver for pain and suffering after suffering any injury in a car accident. Limited tort insurance coverage limits your ability to recover pain and suffering damages. With limited tort, you can only sue the negligent motorist for non-economic damages under certain circumstances. One exception to the restrictions of limited tort is if you suffer a serious injury. If your serious injury is properly proven, you have the same legal rights as those with full tort coverage. Under the law, a “serious injury” is one that causes death, permanent severe disfigurement, or a significantly impaired bodily function.

There are other exceptions to limited tort. Your limited tort attorney can be the key to obtaining a recovery if you were injured in a Bethlehem crash. Our lawyers have won limited tort cases throughout the Lehigh Valley and across PA.

When Can You File a Lawsuit with Limited Tort?

If you have limited tort coverage, don’t assume you can’t sue for your pain and suffering. In addition to cases involving serious injuries, there are other exceptions to limited tort law. These include:

  • You sustained a “serious injury”
  • Injuries sustained as a pedestrian
  • Injuries sustained while occupying any type of commercial vehicle, such as a bus, truck, Uber, taxi, and more
  • Drunk driving crashes resulting in the conviction (or alternative sentencing agreement “ARD”) of the offender
  • Collisions caused by uninsured drivers
  • Wrecks caused by individuals operating vehicles registered in a different state
  • Crashes caused by motorists intending to cause injury

If the circumstances of your crash fall within one of these categories, an experienced vehicle collision lawyer at Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers is ready to help you recover what your due. It is always worthwhile to investigate whether a specific case might fall within an exception.

Seek Help from a Bethlehem Car Accident Attorney

Car accident laws in Pennsylvania are complex. You are probably unsure about your legal options after a crash. Our Bethlehem car accident lawyers can protect your rights and fight for the fair compensation you deserve. Schedule a free consultation today and we roll up our sleeves and fight for you.