What to Know About Motorcycle Accidents in Bensalem

Motorcycles can be thrilling to ride, but they can also be dangerous. When other drivers act carelessly or recklessly, motorcyclists often bear the brunt of the damage in ensuing collisions. Bikes don’t offer the same protection as cars or trucks, and riders may suffer severe injuries even if they wear helmets and other safety gear.

As a rider, there are several things you should know about minimizing your risk of getting hurt in a motorcycle crash. In the event of a collision, you should consult a lawyer who can explain what to know about motorcycle incidents in Bensalem and how to maximize your chances of fair recovery. Contact Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers today to set up a free, no-obligation consultation.

How Often Do Motorcycle Accidents Occur?

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, there were 3,369 motorcycle crashes in the Commonwealth in 2022 alone. Of those 3,369 wrecks, 2,918 resulted in some kind of physical injury, and 213 resulted in at least one fatality. Additionally, there were 586 motorcycle accidents involving a motorcyclist hitting a fixed object and 987 involving a motorcyclist hitting another vehicle.

It’s worth noting that while motorcycle accidents represented just 2.9% of all motor vehicle accidents statewide in 2022, they accounted for 19.5% of the total fatalities from motor vehicle accidents. One of the biggest factors in the deadliness of a motorcycle crash is whether the rider is wearing a protective helmet. Based on the data in PennDOT’s report, wearing a helmet alone can reduce your risk of suffering a fatal injury in a motorcycle wreck by as much as 31%. Knowing these facts about motorcycle accidents in Bensalem should encourage riders to take every safety precaution against severe injury in the event of a crash.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Crashes in Bensalem

Many irresponsible behaviors can increase the risk of motorcycle crashes, from traffic violations like speeding or running red lights to other forms of misconduct like driving while distracted, drunk, high, or tired. Beyond following all traffic laws and regulations, motorcyclists can reduce their risk of accidents by wearing light and reflective clothing to make themselves more visible to other drivers.

No matter the specific cause of a motorcycle accident, a biker can pursue compensation for their losses if they and their Bensalem lawyer can prove another party was negligent. This involves proving that a specific reckless or careless act was the main cause of the wreck and your ensuing losses. This is the basic definition of “negligence” under Pennsylvania law; our local attorneys can further explain what to know about this legal concept and how it applies to motorcycle accident claims.

Call a Bensalem Lawyer to Learn More About Motorcycle Accidents

According to Pennsylvania law, your priorities after a motorcycle accident should be to move out of the flow of traffic law if possible, summon law enforcement to the scene, and give aid to anyone who needs it. After that, you should seek professional medical care as soon as possible, even if you think you feel fine. This ensures that any injuries you may have suffered are documented and treated.

Last but not least, you should get in touch with a seasoned lawyer to discuss your legal options and learn what to know about motorcycle accidents in Bensalem. Call Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers today to set up a free consultation. You won’t owe us anything until we win the compensation you need for your losses, so don’t hesitate to reach out.