Allentown Motorcycle Traffic Laws

Traffic laws are meant to protect everyone on the road and prevent severe accidents. Since motorcyclists are especially likely to suffer serious injuries in collisions with other drivers, it is crucial for riders to understand the traffic rules and regulations. Abiding by the laws can be essential to recovering full compensation in the event of a crash caused by someone else.

For the most part, Allentown motorcycle traffic laws are the same as the traffic laws that apply to all motorists. However, there are a few unique aspects of these laws that a skilled motorcycle accident lawyer at our firm can explain during an initial consultation. Reach out to Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers today to learn more.

Motorcycles vs. Commuter Cars Under State Law

Motorists on public roads in Pennsylvania and across the US are expected to follow the same basic traffic regulations—stop signs and lights, traffic patterns, right-of-way laws, and so on. This is true regardless of what vehicle they’re driving. In some states, though, motorcyclists are allowed to do certain things on the road that other drivers are not, such as riding between traffic lanes when approaching traffic at an intersection, riding next to another motorcyclist within the same traffic lane, or overtaking another vehicle while still in the same lane as that vehicle.

Pennsylvania, however, is not one of those states. In the Commonwealth, all the motorcycle-specific actions mentioned above are against the law. Any motorcyclist caught lane-splitting, riding two abreast in a lane, or overtaking improperly may be pulled over and ticketed. If they end up injured in a wreck while engaging in one of these behaviors, they may be found primarily at fault for breaking the law and causing their own injuries. One of the most important things to understand about Allentown motorcycle traffic laws is that, for the most part, there are no special traffic rules for motorcyclists.

The Rights of Motorcyclists Operating in Allentown

Although motorcyclists do not have any special privileges in Pennsylvania, they still have all the same rights as any other driver on the road. Under Pennsylvania law, every motorcyclist is entitled to the same amount of space as a typical commuter car or truck, and other drivers must afford motorcyclists enough room to ride safely.

If someone else runs into you because they violated your rights, the fact that you were on a motorcycle does not affect your ability to file a lawsuit over your injuries. Unfortunately, civil courts and juries are sometimes prejudiced toward motorcyclists due to unfair stereotypes about bikers. Representation from an Allentown lawyer who knows the motorcycle traffic laws will be crucial to overcoming these stereotypes and making the most of your claim.

Consult an Allentown Attorney on the Motorcycle Traffic Laws

Following the law as a motorcyclist is essential to keeping yourself safe and protecting your right to pursue compensation in the event of an accident. In these scenarios, guidance from Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers can make a huge difference in the outcome of your claim.

Our legal team can answer questions about how Allentown motorcycle traffic laws might impact your specific case and provide dedicated support throughout your legal proceedings. You will not owe us anything until we win the payments you deserve, so call today for a free, no-obligation consultation.