York Hit and Run Accident Lawyer

No matter the circumstances, every driver involved in any kind of traffic wreck is required by Pennsylvania law to stop at the scene, check on others involved, call 911 if medical care is needed, and give their contact and insurance information to everyone who sustained property damage or a personal injury in the wreck. Drivers should not flee the scene afterward in an attempt to avoid legal liability for their actions—and yet, far too many people across the Commonwealth try to do exactly that.

It’s the police’s job to track down the person who hit you and then illegally fled the scene, and in the meantime, our auto accident attorneys can help you prepare to get the most money possible as compensation for your losses. Even if the person to blame for your wreck is never found, your York hit and run accident lawyer can maximize payouts from insurance coverage and minimize the negative impact this experience has on their life. Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers have recovered millions of dollars for clients injured where the at-fault fleeing driver was never found.

Our legal team represented a client who was a passenger in a car that got sideswiped by a truck that fled the scene. We were able to identify the driver through witness statements. We won a $100,000 settlement on our client’s behalf.

Are Hit and Run Drivers Always at Fault for Crashes?

Fleeing the scene of an accident without fulfilling all of the requirements listed above is a criminal offense, and depending on how bad the accident in question was, someone convicted of this offense could find themselves facing felony-level consequences in criminal court. However, the fact that someone committed a hit and run does not automatically make them civilly liable for injuries caused by that wreck.

This is because criminal and civil cases operate in entirely separate court systems, and what happens in one has no direct bearing on the other. It’s not always strictly necessary to prove a hit and run driver’s negligence was the main cause of a car crash to recover financially for its effects. Your hit and run accident attorney in York may instead be able to help you seek payment through your own personal injury protection (PIP) insurance coverage, as well as other forms of coverage included in your policy.

What If Police Can’t Find a Hit and Run Driver?

One of those other forms of coverage that’s often important after a hit and run wreck is uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. This type of policy will provide you with additional insurance coverage if you get into a wreck with a driver who doesn’t have any car insurance or doesn’t have enough insurance coverage to pay for all your accident-related losses.

You can also take advantage of this coverage if you get into a wreck caused by someone else, but you and the police are unable to figure out exactly who that person is. You can’t retroactively add this coverage to your policy after a crash occurs, so as any hit and run accident lawyer in York would tell you, getting this type of coverage in advance of a possible wreck is always worth the small hike in your premiums.

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Few things are more infuriating than getting into a car crash caused by a negligent driver and then watching that driver speed away from the scene without stopping. In a situation like this, it’s important to stay calm as possible and to keep your own needs at the front of your mind, especially if you’ve suffered serious injuries as a result of the wreck.

You won’t owe us anything until we win the compensation you deserve. Call today to discuss your options with a York hit and run accident lawyer during a free, no-obligation consultation.