Reading Electrocution Lawyer

Electrocution accidents cause thousands of injuries nationwide every year, and many of those accidents could’ve been prevented if just one person had acted more responsibly. Even if you know exactly who’s at fault, you may have trouble holding them legally accountable for your losses, especially if you try to do it all by yourself.

Fortunately, you have help available from a seasoned Reading electrocution lawyer well-known for winning cases like yours. From investigating the cause of your accident to demanding fair financial recovery for every one of your compensable damages, a premises liability attorney will be a steadfast ally from start to finish of the litigation process.

When Can You Sue Over an Electrocution Accident?

While electrocution injuries are especially common for people like electricians, engineers, and construction workers, they can also affect regular people in their own homes if they live somewhere with faulty or poorly maintained wiring. Certain types of product defects can also result in electrocution, as can water coming into contact with electrical circuits, downed power lines, or individual faulty outlets.

Whatever the specific source of an electrocution accident is, the important thing when it comes to filing suit is figuring out who holds legal liability for it. Most of the time, this means proving the accident happened specifically due to another person’s reckless or careless misconduct—for example, an electrician not doing their job correctly or a landlord failing to keep their property in reasonably safe condition.

In other situations, another person or company may hold strict liability for an electrocution accident, like when a manufacturer sells a defective product to someone who suffers an electric shock because of the defect. Guidance from a skilled Reading electrocution attorney can be vital to efficiently determining who’s to blame for a specific incident and taking effective legal action against them.

Getting Around Legal Obstacles During the Filing Process

Legal counsel can also ensure common legal and procedural roadblocks don’t get in the way of you getting paid fairly for the harm you’ve suffered in an electrocution accident. For instance, your lawyer in Reading can help you build and then file the strongest possible electrocution accident claim within the applicable filing deadline, which Pennsylvania law usually sets at two years after an injury first occurs.

Your legal representation can also contest any accusations made by the person or people you’re suing that you were the person mainly at fault for causing your injury through your own negligence. If you don’t fight back against allegations of comparative fault like this effectively, you might end up having your final damage award’s value reduced or denied.

Contact a Reading Electrocution Attorney for Help

Being electrocuted can cause extremely painful and potentially even life-threatening injuries that may be expensive to treat and cause you to miss work on top of that. This is a serious injury that can interfere with every aspect of your normal life, and anyone who causes you to suffer this sort of injury through their own misconduct should be held accountable for the losses they’ve caused you.

Support from a seasoned Reading electrocution lawyer can make a difference in how effectively you can demand the restitution you deserve. Learn more by calling today.