Quakertown Water Park Injury Lawyer

Whether indoor or outdoor, water parks are usually fun for the whole family—unless an accident happens at one that leaves you or a loved one severely injured. If you’ve been involved in an incident like this, you already know how devastating the effects of a water park injury can be. It can be difficult to hold the companies that own and operate facilities like this liable for their role in causing you or your family harm.

You have help available from a seasoned Quakertown water park injury lawyer who knows exactly how to win cases like yours. Our team at Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers secured a $450,000 recovery for a client after a waterslide collision caused by a negligent attendant resulted in a severe leg fracture. No matter what specific injuries you’re dealing with or what losses you need to recover, our skilled premises liability attorneys will work tirelessly to get you paid what you deserve for the harm you should never have sustained.

When Can a Water Park Accident Justify a Lawsuit?

While water parks have a legal duty to keep their premises in reasonably safe condition, they aren’t automatically liable for every injury that affects a paying customer. Instead, holding someone legally liable for a water park injury typically requires proving they directly caused the injury by negligently failing to warn you about a particular hazardous condition or by letting a hazardous condition go unaddressed for an unreasonably long amount of time.

Under Pennsylvania law, property owners who let people onto their land for commercial purposes can sometimes be liable for hazards that they didn’t have direct knowledge of if they reasonably should have known about them through regular inspection of their property. For example, if someone were to get cut by a jagged piece of metal sticking out into a walking path that no park employee or owner had done anything about for several days, a Quakertown water park accident attorney can help build a strong civil claim around it.

The Possible Impact of Comparative Fault

Water park owners and operators will never accept financial liability for an accident out of the goodness of their hearts, even—and sometimes especially—if they’re clearly the ones at fault for it. They’ll very often try to say an injured person is the one mainly at fault for their own injury in an attempt to get a court to assign a percentage of comparative fault to that person.

Under Pennsylvania law, anyone who holds more than 50 percent of the total fault for their own accident can’t recover any civil compensation for that accident, even if someone else was partially at fault. If you’re found 50 percent or less at fault for your own injury, the court will reduce the value of any damage award by that same percentage. Representation from a seasoned water park injury lawyer in Quakertown can be crucial to making sure this and other legal obstacles don’t keep you from getting paid fairly for your damages.

Consider Working with a Quakertown Water Park Injury Attorney

Getting hurt while visiting a water park can put a damper on your day and potentially on the months, years, and even decades following that day. The companies that own parks like this have lots of money to devote towards fighting civil litigation against them, and they have no problem denying you fair restitution in order to serve their own best interests.

You need an ally by your side who will make sure your rights are respected and give you the best chance possible of a positive case result. Call today to learn how a Quakertown water park injury lawyer can help you.