Quakertown Dog Bite Lawyer

Even if they’re trained well, an excited or frightened dog can still cause serious injuries to other people. If a dog has aggressive tendencies or is otherwise not well-trained, the risk of someone getting hurt may be even greater.

A lawsuit for a dog attack in Pennsylvania works differently from other kinds of personal injury claims. Having a skilled Quakertown dog bite lawyer on your side can go a long way in simplifying the legal process. If you’re dealing with injuries from a recent dog attack, speaking to a knowledgeable attorney at Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers should be your top priority.

Our firm is no stranger to these cases—we have a long track record of winning compensation for injured victims all over Pennsylvania. In one recent case, our client was slammed to the ground by a pit bull, resulting in a broken hip that required surgery. After obtaining crucial evidence from the scene, Founding Partner Jon Ostroff was able to settle the case for $375,000.

Are Dog Owners Always Liable for Bites in Quakertown?

In many states, dog owners have “strict liability” for any injuries their pets cause to another animal or person. This means the owner will usually be responsible for all injuries and losses their pet causes, even if it’s the first time the dog has attacked anyone. Other states have a “one-bite rule,” where strict liability only applies if a dog has bitten someone before and the owner should have known their dog has the potential to cause harm.

Pennsylvania combines both systems. Under state law, dog owners are strictly liable for all costs of medical treatment needed to treat a victim’s injuries (whether caused by a dog bite or any other type of dog attack, such as lunging, clawing, and/or charging). To obtain payment for any other losses caused by a dog attack, you and your local attorney must prove the dog owner was negligent in some way.

Suing a Dog Owner for Negligence

When it comes to dog bite and dog attack lawsuits, pet owners are only “negligent” if they were aware their dog had “unmistakably vicious tendencies” but didn’t do enough to control the animal. This kind of negligence can take different forms in different situations. A court will generally assume a dog owner is negligent if they broke Pennsylvania law by not restraining their dog on a leash or otherwise keeping it inside a properly fenced yard or enclosure.

The fact that a dog has bitten someone in the past doesn’t necessarily mean they’re “vicious.” On the flip side, a dog doesn’t have to bite someone to be classified as “vicious.” Further, a dog owner may not be liable for injuries their dog causes after escaping from an adequately fenced yard, or injuries they cause to any person trespassing on the owner’s property. The Quakertown lawyers at Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers can further explain these rules and how they may impact your dog bite case.

Get Help from a Quakertown Dog Bite Attorney

Dog attacks are frightening experiences, even if you walk away without serious injuries. If you were severely hurt because someone else’s dog attacked you, enforcing your legal right to file a lawsuit can be crucial in holding the negligent owner accountable and getting the resources you need.

Let a Quakertown dog bite lawyer fight to protect your best interests and get the compensation you deserve. Call Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers today and learn how we can work tirelessly for you.