Philadelphia Dangerous Drugs Lawyer

Whether the medicine you’re taking was prescribed by a doctor or purchased over the counter, you should be able to trust it to work as advertised. Unfortunately, not every drug company meets this basic expectation of safety for their products. Sometimes, this leads to innocent consumers suffering serious physical harm from medications with dangerous side effects.

Filing a lawsuit over a defective medication can be a uniquely difficult process. You will need assistance from an experienced personal injury attorney to get the compensation you deserve for the harm you should’ve never suffered. Let a Philadelphia dangerous drugs lawyer be your ally from start to finish of the legal process.

At Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers, we know how to fight and win on behalf of people in your situation. Our firm has won millions of dollars in “misleading marketing” cases against drug companies that failed to disclose risks they were aware of in their products. We will fight like hell to hold negligent companies accountable for their actions.

What Makes a Medication Dangerous?

A drug not working as well as it should or causing a harmful side effect generally isn’t enough to justify a lawsuit. Courts give pharmaceutical companies a bit of leeway when it comes to liability for small issues to preserve their ability to create and produce life-saving medicines.

That said, drug manufacturers do have a legal obligation to inform doctors and patients about every known side effect and contraindication of their products. They also are expected to put their products through rigorous testing to discover harmful effects before releasing them to the public.

A dangerous drug lawsuit typically alleges that a drug company knowingly failed to warn people about an adverse effect of their medication or that they didn’t do enough research to discover a harmful effect. Our skilled Philadelphia attorneys are experienced in this area of law and can help build a strong dangerous drug claim.

Mass Tort Claims Over Defective Drugs

Even if you have lots of evidence showing that a drug company should be legally liable for the harm one of their products caused you, you may have difficulty compelling them to pay you fairly for your damages. These companies sell their products worldwide and rake in billions of dollars in profits each year. A huge chunk of those profits goes toward fighting civil litigation against them.

Because dangerous drugs often harm hundreds or even thousands of people at once, it’s common for these cases to proceed as “mass tort” claims. This involves multiple people who suffered similar harm by the same defendant combining their resources and working together to pursue compensation. Our defective drug lawyers in Philadelphia can explain how these types of claims work and help with joining one in progress or potentially starting a new one.

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Millions of Americans rely on medications to manage and treat various conditions. Sadly, some of these products do more harm than good. If you recently suffered a serious injury or illness that you believe can be traced back to a specific medication, you may have grounds to demand financial restitution from the manufacturer.

Assistance from a Philadelphia dangerous drugs lawyer can make a world of difference in your odds of getting a successful result from your claim. Call Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers today to set up a free, no-obligation consultation.