Pennsylvania Truck Accident Investigation Lawyer

There is no time to waste. Your lawyers must get to your crash scene as soon as possible.

Truck companies arrive at the crash scene as soon as possible. They use “accident hotlines” to immediately deploy their lawyers, investigators, and adjusters to the scene of a crash. They are not there to help you. They are there to find ways to blame others (including you)for the crash they caused. Their job is to reduce or wipe out what they owe you.

If you were involved in an accident with a truck, the company involved has most likely already deployed their team of experts to the scene of your crash. You need your legal team deployed as soon as possible. Our Pennsylvania truck accident investigation lawyers can help.

Steps to Take in a Truck Crash Investigation

Your tractor-trailer accident lawyer needs the ability to do a proper investigation. Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers can:

  • Get critical data off the commercial vehicle’s black box that documents:
    • The truck speed at impact
    • The last time the driver applied the brakes
    • Whether the truck was weaving (from fatigue, intoxication, distraction) for the miles up to the crash
    • When and if the truck driver made any attempt to avoid the crash
  • Download video if cameras exist on the truck or near the crash site. This type of critical evidence is easily destroyed or over-written and unavailable within a week or two of your crash.
  • Trained expert examination of the accident scene and physical evidence of the crash, which is often only available immediately after the accident. This includes analysis of skid marks and tire gouges in the roadway (before they fade from cars driving over them or weather)
  • Expert Inspection and Photography of the bus or truck involved in the accident, which can show damage from the impact and possible contributing factors to the crash.
  • A review of the trucking or bus company’s dispatch records and the driver’s logbook. It is critical to determine whether the company was acting in accordance with federal and state law and these records can verify how much rest the driver had in the hours and days before your crash.

Call a Pennsylvania Truck Accident Investigation Attorney

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