Blind Spot Truck Accidents in Norristown

Every car, truck, SUV, and tractor-trailer has blind spots where the driver can’t easily see other vehicles and people near them, usually just beyond both bumpers and in triangular patterns extending along both of the vehicle’s sides. Since tractor-trailers are so much bigger than most cars, they have much bigger blind spots—and unfortunately, not every long-haul trucker is as diligent about checking their blind spots while driving as they should be.

If you were injured in a wreck because a truck driver swerved into you or seemed not to see your car, you might have grounds to file suit against them and demand payment for all the losses you’ve suffered as a result of your crash. It’s usually far from simple to get a good result from a lawsuit based on blind spot truck accidents in Norristown, so you need help from a winning truck accident lawyer from Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers who knows how to fight on behalf of you.

What Duty Do Truck Drivers Owe You on the Road?

Just like anyone else who operates a motor vehicle on public roads, truck drivers have a duty of care under Pennsylvania law to follow traffic rules, keep their focus fully on driving, and watch out for other people around them while driving. This means a truck driver using their mirrors, collision detection systems, and anything else at their disposal to make sure they have enough space to safely accelerate, back up, or merge into another lane isn’t just a personal responsibility—it’s a requirement with the full force of the law behind it.

As a result, a trucker who doesn’t check their blind spots properly and causes a crash as a direct result of that failure to act can be considered legally negligent based on their breach of their duty of care. Someone who’s proven negligent in this way may be financially liable for any harm they cause another person to suffer as a result. This is how holding someone else at fault for a blind spot truck collision in Norristown works.

Proving a Truck Driver Didn’t Check Their Blind Spots

It’s rare for a truck driver or trucking company to admit they were to blame for a traffic accident, especially one that led to a serious injury. You need to have evidence on your side when filing suit over a blind spot truck crash in Norristown in order to prove the driver you’re suing did something negligent behind the wheel. Evidence can include photos of the crash scene, witness testimony, dashcam footage, or even data from the truck’s black box.

You might also need to be ready to prove you weren’t at fault for your injuries—for example, because you were coasting inside a truck’s blind spot despite knowing the truck driver couldn’t see you very well. Otherwise, a court might assign a percentage of comparative fault to you and reduce the total amount of money you’re able to get for your damages.

Talk to a Norristown Attorney About a Blind Spot Truck Accident Lawsuit

Even a single moment of carelessness behind the wheel can result in a traffic wreck. Unfortunately, without experienced legal counsel, you’re likely to have a difficult time getting paid what you deserve after a blind spot truck accident in Norristown.

If you want a fair shot at getting financial recovery, you should make speaking with our winning legal team one of your top priorities. Call today to discuss your options in a free, no-obligation consultation.