Norristown Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Putting a loved one in a nursing home can be a difficult decision. Although many of these facilities provide the care our loved ones need and deserve, some may allow negligence or abuse to occur. Worse yet, some facilities perpetuate mistreatment against residents.

If you are concerned about the care your loved one is receiving in their nursing home or long-term care facility, speak with an experienced attorney at Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers. A Norristown nursing home abuse lawyer like Jon Ostroff can help protect your loved one and hold the wrongdoers accountable. Our firm recently won a substantial and confidential amount for the family of a nursing home resident who suffered a fatal fall due to deficient lighting in her room. We are prepared to help you and your loved ones too.

Know the Signs of Nursing Home Neglect

Family members of nursing home residents should be aware of the signs of nursing home neglect to protect their loved ones. Elderly people might be reluctant or unable to communicate that they are being mistreated. Preventing mistreatment requires family members to be vigilant and investigate if the patient:

  • Gains or loses weight without explanation
  • Becomes withdrawn or anxious
  • Seems angry, fearful, or paranoid
  • Is taking new medications or higher doses of medications, especially sedatives
  • Falls frequently
  • Attempts to escape the facility
  • Has frequent bruises, bedsores, or scars

Any of these developments could indicate neglect or abuse. If you or your family has concerns, your lawyer can call or visit the facility and speak to the patient’s doctor to investigate the situation.

Do Not Delay if There Are Signs of Abuse

While many nursing home employees are hardworking and dedicated, some people who work in nursing homes are physically, emotionally, or sexually abusive to the residents. Short-staffed facilities may fail to recognize and punish abusive staff members. In other cases, another resident might be the abuser. Signs that abuse is happening include:

  • Unexplained or poorly explained cuts, bruises, or fractures
  • A black eye, broken nose, or loose or broken teeth
  • Burns, especially small burns from a candle, lighter, or cigarette
  • New diagnosis of a sexually transmitted disease
  • Bite marks
  • Signs of emotional abuse such as shaming or humiliation
  • Patient report of abuse

Abuse requires a family to remove their loved one from the facility as quickly as possible. The family should make a report to the Attorney General (AG). The AG’s office will send investigators to the facility and could provide suggestions about alternative placements for your loved one.

If evidence of nursing home abuse exists, a Norristown lawyer could file a lawsuit seeking damages for personal injuries. Filing a lawsuit often brings a facility bad publicity they want to avoid. In many cases, legal action can spur a facility to improve conditions for other residents.

Filing a Lawsuit Against a Nursing Home in Norristown

A nursing home resident or their family can file a lawsuit for negligent care in a nursing home. A lawsuit could help your loved one and other facility residents in various ways. The home may investigate staff and fire anyone who mistreated residents. The facility might start directing some of its profits to improve patient care.

Potential grounds for a nursing home negligence lawsuit include:

Facilities often try to settle negligence lawsuits quickly. Your loved one or their family could receive payments for the patient’s emotional trauma, humiliation and embarrassment, physical injuries, and any other harm resulting from the facility’s negligence.

Rely on a Norristown Attorney for Nursing Home Abuse Claims

If you are worried about a relative in a nursing home, take action to protect them. Speak with a Norristown nursing home abuse lawyer about the situation and learn your legal options.

At Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers, our winning attorneys have a track record of success in helping nursing home abuse victims and their families seek justice against negligent facilities. Get in touch today to schedule a free consultation.