Norristown Construction Site Slip and Fall Accidents

Construction consistently makes the Occupation Safety and Health Administration’s annual list of the country’s most dangerous industries. Falls are one of the most common ways construction workers get hurt. However, Norristown construction site slip and fall accidents are often preventable. Workers may suffer these accidents when contractors or project managers fail to enforce safety rules.

You deserve compensation if you slipped, fell, and got hurt at a construction site. Whether were working at or visiting the site, a winning attorney at Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers is here to fight for you.

Hazards That Cause Slips and Falls at Construction Sites

The typical construction site has many people doing different jobs simultaneously. Employees from different companies might be trying to do their jobs in the same confined space. When people fail to prioritize safety, accidents often result.

Unfortunately, many contractors rush to complete the job and get on to the next one. They don’t focus on maintaining a safe working environment or cleaning up after themselves when finishing their work. Construction site hazards that might cause a slip and fall include:

  • Debris left on the floor or the ground
  • Unmarked changes in elevation
  • Electrical cords, cables, and hoses
  • Wet or snowy bridges and walkways
  • Spills
  • Poor lighting

Incompetent site management—like putting too many workers in too small an area or not maintaining clear spaces for people to move around—could also lead to slips and falls. Our experienced attorneys can investigate a construction site in Norristown for potential causes of your fall.

Worker Liability for a Trip and Fall

Sometimes, a worker is partially responsible for their own fall. Workers who use their phones while walking or wear the wrong footwear could be more prone to slips and falls. Even if a worker is partially responsible for a fall, 42 Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes Annotated §7102 allows them to get money for their injuries in some circumstances if a third party also was at fault.

Workers’ Compensation Claims vs. Lawsuits

Workers injured on job sites in Pennsylvania could file workers’ compensation claims. The workers’ compensation will pay for their medical treatment and partial wages while they cannot work.

A construction worker with workers’ compensation benefits cannot sue their employer for on-the-job injuries. However, if the fall was someone else’s fault, the worker could sue that other party.

One of our winning Norristown attorneys will investigate your construction site slip and fall to determine the responsible parties. You could sue if a property owner, project manager, employee of a different company, or an independent contractor were responsible for the accident.

Compensation for a Worksite Slip and Fall in Norristown

Even if workers’ compensation pays for your medical visits, you must pay for gas and parking at your appointments. If you miss work, you will only get partial wages from workers’ comp. Your benefits don’t account for your pain, emotional trauma, or inconvenience, either.

If you bring a lawsuit, you could recover for all of those things. The party responsible for the accident must compensate you for your pain, mental trauma, scarring, or any other result of the fall. They must also reimburse you for expenses like parking, medical equipment, or paying people to clean your house or mow your lawn while you are injured.

After a worksite fall, our local attorneys will file a lawsuit and negotiate with the responsible parties. We can often obtain generous settlements before these cases go to trial.

Call a Norristown Attorney After a Construction Site Slip and Fall

Everyone in the construction industry must take safety precautions to mitigate the risks of the job. When someone else acts carelessly and causes you harm, they should pay for the injuries you should’ve never suffered.

If you or a loved one were hurt in a Norristown construction site slip and fall accident, seek legal counsel from Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers. You will not owe us anything until we win the compensation you deserve, so call us to set up a free consultation today.