Lewisburg Hit and Run Accident Lawyer

Pennsylvania law requires anyone involved in a car accident to immediately stop their vehicles, help other people get to safety if necessary, and exchange personal and insurance information with anyone who suffered property damage or physical injury in the wreck. Failing to do any of these things after a crash is a criminal offense that can result in serious legal consequences—and yet, some people still illegally flee from accident scenes to avoid being held liable.

If police can track down a driver who fled the scene after hitting and injuring you, a seasoned attorney at Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers can help you take legal action against them and demand compensation for all your crash-related losses. Even if the police can’t find them, a Lewisburg hit and run accident lawyer at our firm can still help you make the most of the insurance coverage available.

When Can You Sue Someone Over a Hit and Run?

While committing a hit and run is illegal and irresponsible, it doesn’t automatically make someone civilly liable for accident-related damages since it technically happened after the accident already occurred. Instead, filing suit over this sort of crash works the same way as any other auto accident lawsuit. You and your Lewisburg attorney must establish the hit and run driver’s fault based on “negligence” to make them pay for your losses.

In the context of car accident claims, someone is “negligent” if all the following are true:

  • They did something reckless, careless, or illegal, which “breached” the duty all drivers have under Pennsylvania law to act lawfully and responsibly behind the wheel
  • Their “breach of duty” was the main cause of an accident that likely wouldn’t have happened otherwise
  • That accident was the main cause of at least one physical injury requiring professional medical care
  • That injury directly led to the injured person suffering “compensable losses”—in other words, losses that a monetary damage award can account for

Support from a winning Lewisburg hit and run accident attorney can be vital in proving fault for your wreck and getting the maximum amount of compensation from your claim.

Recovery for an Accident With an Unidentified Driver

Unfortunately, not everybody who commits a hit and run in Pennsylvania gets caught and punished for their actions. This is one of the biggest reasons why recovering financially from a hit and run crash can be complicated: if you don’t know who hit you, you can’t make a claim against their insurance or name them as a defendant in a lawsuit.

In this scenario, uninsured motorist coverage can compensate you even if you never identify the person who caused your accident. Every insurance company offers this type of coverage, but it isn’t automatically included in every policy. It’s worth reviewing your coverage with a lawyer at our firm after a hit and run accident in Lewisburg.

Get Help from a Lewisburg Hit and Run Accident Attorney

Few things are more frustrating than getting seriously hurt by someone who fled the scene to avoid taking responsibility for their actions. Unfortunately, that exact scenario plays out all too often across Pennsylvania, often resulting in long-lasting and even life-altering injuries.

Whether you can track down the driver who caused you harm, support from a Lewisburg hit and run accident lawyer will be crucial to recover from the incident and protect your best interests. Call Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers today to discuss your options and get the dedicated guidance you deserve.