Motorcycle Defects and Recalls in Hershey

No one expects a product they pay for to have a dangerous flaw in it, and they certainly don’t expect that flaw to cause a serious injury. Whether you were expecting it or not, a motorcycle accident caused by a defect in your bike can change the course of your life at a moment’s notice. Demanding civil compensation from the people who sold you a defective bike can be harder than you might expect.

Fortunately, you have help available from Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers, who have years of experience handling civil claims built around motorcycle defects and recalls in Hershey. Even if you were hurt after a recall had been issued for your bike, a skilled motorcycle accident lawyer can help you seek financial compensation for the harm the defect has caused you.

What Kinds of Things Are Motorcycles Recalled For?

Broadly speaking, there are three ways a motorcycle can be defective to the degree that a manufacturer might issue a recall, all of which could also serve as grounds for a product liability lawsuit if the manufacturer doesn’t issue a recall before the defect causes a serious injury. First, a motorcycle part or the motorcycle as a whole can have a defect in its overall design that makes every bike dangerous in the same way—for example, an exhaust pipe designed in such a way that it’s likely to burn the legs of riders.

Second, a motorcycle can be defective because it was manufactured or assembled incorrectly, which could be something as simple as a single missing bolt or as dramatic as loose handlebars that may detach while the bike is in motion. Third and finally, a motorcycle can be defective in its marketing, which means the manufacturer didn’t provide sufficient warnings or instructions to consumers about how to use the motorcycle safely. This is rarely the cause for a recall that affects motorcycles in Hershey.

Filing Suit Over an Injury Caused by a Defective Motorcycle

When a manufacturer issues a recall notice for any type of defect in a motorcycle, they’re required by law to notify every person who purchased one of the defective motorcycles and offer to fix or replace the defective product free of charge. If you’ve been notified of a defect in your bike and then get hurt by that defect, you may not have valid grounds to sue over your injuries since the court will likely rule that you should’ve known about the danger and taken action to avoid it.

However, if you were not properly warned or were injured by a motorcycle defect in Hershey before a recall was issued, you likely have grounds to hold the motorcycle’s manufacturer strictly liable for the harm you’ve suffered. This could include both economic damages like medical bills and non-economic damages like physical pain and loss of life’s pleasures.

Learn More About Motorcycle Defects and Recalls from a Hershey Attorney

Being hurt by a product you had every reason to believe was safe to use for its intended purpose can be a jarring experience under any circumstances, especially if you end up suffering serious injuries. When you understand and make effective use of your legal rights, you may be able to hold the manufacturer who sold you that defective product financially liable for your damages.

Taking legal action over motorcycle defects and recalls in Hershey is much easier with guidance from winning legal representation. Call today to discuss your options in a free, no obligation consultation.