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Construction equipment like cranes can cause significant harm when built or operated incorrectly. Accidents involving construction cranes are often catastrophic, if not fatal. Victims and their families deserve substantial compensation for their losses but may struggle to hold the responsible parties accountable without legal counsel from a Hershey crane accident lawyer.

The seasoned construction accident attorneys at Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers are ready to fight on your behalf for the payments you deserve. Even if you’re unsure whether you can or want to file a lawsuit over your injuries, a conversation with a legal professional can give you the information you need to decide. Our firm has helped over 30,000 injured people across Pennsylvania win the compensation they need after severe accidents.

Common Causes of Crane Accidents

Crane accidents are some of the most dangerous types of workplace accidents, given how often they result in severe and even fatal injuries. Mechanical malfunctions often cause these incidents, whether due to a lack of maintenance over time or specific faulty parts provided by the crane’s manufacturer.

However, crane accidents can also stem from operator errors and other factors, such as when workers:

  • Fail to follow proper safety procedures
  • Make mistakes while controlling a crane
  • Receive insufficient training on how to operate a specific model of crane
  • Are forced to rush or over-exert themselves due to under-staffing
  • Fail to properly inspect the crane before and after use

Inadequate safety procedures can also contribute to crane accidents, especially if this leads to workers not having the proper safety gear or not using it correctly.

The Impact of a Crane Accident

No matter how it happens, the effect of a crane accident can be devastating. Victims may suffer injuries ranging from minor cuts and bruises to serious life-altering conditions like traumatic brain damage, spinal cord damage, and loss of limbs. A skilled Hershey crane accident attorney can provide vital help demanding fair recovery for every negative impact your injuries have had and will have on you, including medical bills, lost working ability, physical pain and suffering, emotional trauma, and loss of life’s pleasures.

Legal Obstacles in Crane Injury Claims

Even when a crane accident causes life-changing injuries, the restrictions that Pennsylvania law places on other personal injury claims will apply. For example, suppose the court decides an injured construction worker holds some blame for their own injuries because they acted recklessly or carelessly. In this case, the court might reduce the total amount of money the worker can recover through a successful lawsuit—or even prohibit them from getting paid at all.

Pennsylvania law usually gives an injured victim two years after their accident to start a lawsuit against the negligent person. To avoid these legal obstacles and protect your right to compensation for a crane accident, contact our skilled attorneys in Hershey as soon as possible.

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As vital as cranes are to modern construction projects, they can also pose significant risks if there are machine defects or operators act carelessly. Those injured in construction accidents should not have to pay for other people’s negligent behavior.

A winning Hershey crane accident lawyer will make a big difference in how effectively you can demand the money you deserve. Owner and Managing Partner Rich Godshall and the team at Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers have successfully handled many multi-million dollar construction injury cases. Call our firm today to learn how we can fight for you, too.