Blue Bell Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Any family that has made the hard decision to put a parent or grandparent in a nursing home knows how difficult it is to trust someone else to care for their loved one. It is devastating to find out that the facility or staff has abused or neglected your family member. In these situations, you need to understand your legal rights to protect your loved one and hold the wrongdoers accountable.

If you suspect mistreatment in an assisted living or nursing facility, talk to a Blue Bell nursing home abuse lawyer as soon as possible. At Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers, our respected attorneys will help you figure out what is going on, make sure your family member is safe, and—if necessary—file a lawsuit against the negligent parties.

Founding Partner Jon Ostroff and the rest of our winning legal team have helped many nursing home residents and their families recover damages from negligent and abusive facilities. We recently resolved a local case for a substantial and confidential amount on behalf of the family of an elderly woman who suffered fatal injuries after a fall due to deficient lighting in her nursing home room. We are also skilled at recovering for the intentional mistreatment and abuse of vulnerable nursing home residents. We are prepared to provide you and your family with the skilled representation you deserve.

What Does Abuse in Nursing Homes Look Like?

Unfortunately, nursing home residents do not always speak up about their mistreatment. This could be because they are not aware enough to understand what is happening to them or because they are afraid that reporting the abuse will make things worse. As such, it can be difficult for family members to tell when something is wrong.

However, there are some signs to watch for when you have a family member in an assisted living facility or nursing home. These include:

  • Any sudden changes in their normal behavior, especially if it happens around a specific staff member or another resident
  • Nervous behavior like thumb-sucking or nail-biting
  • Unexplained minor injuries, like cuts or bruises
  • Soiled bedsheets or clothes not being changed for several days
  • Refusal to eat, drink water, or take medications
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Any unexpected changes to their bank accounts or estate plan

A Blue Bell attorney at our firm can further explain the symptoms of nursing home abuse and how to address the situation.

How to Protect a Family Member in a Nursing Home

The Pennsylvania Department of Health has a Division of Nursing Care Facilities responsible for inspecting nursing homes and ensuring they do not abuse residents or violate their rights. Anyone worried that a nursing home resident is being mistreated can file a complaint with the Division’s director online, by phone, or in writing by mail or fax.

It is generally best to remove an abused resident from their dangerous situation as quickly as possible and with help from law enforcement, if necessary. After ensuring the resident’s safety, reach out to the Blue Bell nursing home abuse attorneys at Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers. Our seasoned lawyers in Montgomery County can fight to recover fair compensation for all forms of harm they experienced, including pain and suffering, medical bills, and loss of life’s pleasures.

Contact an Experienced Blue Bell Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

Nursing home residents are some of the most vulnerable members of society. They rely on facility staff members to provide proper care and protect their well-being.

Any instances of abuse or neglect should not be tolerated. It is important to remain alert when visiting your loved one and take immediate action against any signs of mistreatment. Let a Blue Bell nursing home abuse lawyer investigate the situation and explain your legal options for addressing the wrongdoing. You will not pay anything until we recover compensation for your loved one and your family, so call today for a free consultation.