How Aggressively Does Pennsylvania Fight Speeding?

How Aggressively Does Pennsylvania Fight Speeding?

A recent report by the Governor Highway Safety Association (GHSA) found that speeding and aggressive driving is still a problem in the United States that needs to be dealt with so that future lives are saved and people are spared the pain of injuries. How does Pennsylvania fight speeding and aggressive driving?

According to the GHSA:

  • Pennsylvania does not fund speed detection equipment, overtime speeding enforcement, or speed related public awareness campaigns. It is the only state in the nation not to fund any of these three things. The 49 other states fund at least one out of three and more than half the states fund all three.
  • Pennsylvania is one of the few states that does fund speed detection equipment and overtime related to aggressive driving.
  • Red light cameras are allowed by local ordinance and in Philadelphia.
  • Automated speed enforcement is not allowed in Pennsylvania.

Regardless of how Pennsylvania fights speeding, you may have rights if you have been hurt by a speeding or aggressive driver in Pennsylvania. Please contact a PA auto accident lawyer to discuss your rights and potential recovery.