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Fatal Auto Accident Lawsuits

The phone call changed your life forever. In one instant, he’s gone. It wasn’t his fault, it was a kid showing off for his friends… or a woman who was out partying and left the bar to drive home drunk. Perhaps it was someone who was driving home too exhausted and fell asleep at the wheel, or an older man who should have turned his license in years ago.

Whoever robbed you and your family of the companionship and love that you counted on in the past — and planned for in the future — that person needs to pay. You need a lawyer who understands that. Jon Ostroff is that lawyer.

Get the Real Story

Your loved one can’t explain what really happened. Your lawyer needs to.

The evidence that may make all of the difference in recovering every penny you are entitled to must be flushed out quickly. Key eyewitnesses don’t stand still. They don’t wait until you are ready to deal with things like your loved one’s lawsuit.

Witnesses forget. They get fuzzy, less emotionally involved, and they are less credible as time goes on. You need them to be strong, you need them to be handled properly, and you need someone to do this right.

Jon Ostroff is a lawyer who has lived through this process personally, and has guided clients through it enough times that he knows exactly how to take care of your case, while you take care of yourself. This is probably the worst time in your life to face all that needs to be done to secure all of the money you and your family are entitled to.

Hire a lawyer who will get the real story, and secure the evidence you need to prove it. Jon Ostroff’s that lawyer.

Where do you start?

Start by taking the steps to get the evidence needed to figure out what really happened… then use it to make everyone who played a role pay.

Because there are often many factors that may play a role in a fatal accident, it often turns out that more than one party needs to pay. Maybe the other driver caused the accident, but your loved one’s airbag failed to inflate and save their life. The other driver and the manufacturer that improperly installed the airbag both need to be held accountable. They all need to pay.

If the person who drove home drunk was stumbling and slurring when the bartender kept serving him drinks, that driver, the bartender and bar need to be held accountable. The drunk driver took your loved one’s life in exchange for three or four more drinks over the legal limit. The bar made money by helping it to happen. They all need to be held accountable. They all need to pay.

Jon Ostroff has earned a reputation for fighting relentlessly on behalf of drunk driving victims. His clients were glad he was in their corner. MADD of Pennsylvania has recognized Jon for his commitment to victims across Pennsylvania.

Don’t trust the police report!

What if the police charge your loved one as the party responsible for the accident? Jon has proven otherwise time and time again. Jon understands that your loved one can’t tell his or her version of what happened. Don’t take the police report as the final word — it’s not. Jon will make sure that you and your family get the final word. Take the steps to do that by setting the police report aside and speaking for your loved one. Rely on Jon to get the real story, and to take the steps to prove it.

In fact, in two separate accidents that occurred in the same small Pennsylvania town, Jon recovered nearly $4 million for his clients by proving the police wrong after they blamed his clients for the accident. Jon did this by finding eyewitnesses the police never spoke with, by challenging local doctors, by closing down highways to reconstruct what happened using nationally known experts to prove his case, and by performing an aggressive investigation.

Let Jon Ostroff roll up his sleeves, gather all of the evidence as soon as it can be obtained, and make the parties that caused your loss pay you and your family the money you are entitled to.

What are you entitled to? How do Fatal Auto Accident Lawsuits work?

Once Jon has successfully gathered the evidence to prove that your loved one died as the result of another’s act, you will be entitled to money called “compensatory damages.” “Punitive damages” may also be available to you and your family if unusually reckless or criminal conduct led to the death of your loved one.

Compensatory damages are for payment of funeral expenses, the pain and suffering of your loved one, the wages that they would have earned if they continued to work, the medical bills for treatment rendered to them as a result of the accident, and more.

Punitive damages are intended to punish and this award can amount to multiples of compensatory damages.


The most important element to obtaining all of the money your family is entitled to is to hire the right lawyer to secure the evidence in your loved one’s case as soon as it can be done. Jon Ostroff has spent his legal career committed to gathering the evidence and taking the steps necessary to speak for those no longer able to speak for themselves.

If you need to speak to Jon about your loved one’s fatal car accident, contact Jon anytime, any day, 365 days a year and he will help you sort things out.

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