Allentown Amusement Park Injury Lawyer

Whether it happens at Dorney Park or any of the other many amusement parks in Pennsylvania, getting hurt because of negligence by theme park staff members or owners can lead to serious injuries. Even worse, getting the compensation you need after an amusement park accident can be very difficult, thanks to how hard the companies that operate these parks tend to fight lawsuits against them.

If you need help recovering for losses caused by this type of accident, reach out to an Allentown amusement park injury lawyer right away. A qualified premises liability attorney’s guidance can make a huge difference not just in how much money you could get for your injuries, but often whether you get any money at all. We have successfully represented clients through the Lehigh Valley for over 30 years.

At Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers, we fight like hell for our clients, pursuing aggressive settlement proposals and taking cases to court if needed. In one amusement park injury case, we were able to recover $450,000 for a client who suffered a severe leg fracture in a waterslide collision caused by an attendant’s negligence. We are ready to get to work for you, so call us today to set up your free initial consultation.

Causes and Effects of Theme Park Accidents

There are many ways a ride operator, theme park manager, or even a third party like a ride manufacturer or supplier could directly cause a guest to get hurt by acting in an irresponsible way. Sometimes, the connection between a staff member’s actions and a guest’s injuries is obvious. For example, if a ride operator allows a roller coaster rider to sustain injuries because they weren’t properly secured in their seat, often because they were not paying attention during the boarding process, the amusement park employing this attendant would be the liable party.

Other times, though, figuring out who is to blame for an accident can be a lot more complex. Some examples of incidents that could give rise to a civil claim include:

  • Missing wet floor signs or other dangerous conditions that lead to slips or trips and falls
  • A ride that was constructed, maintained or assembled improperly and caused injuries as a result of the resulting dangerous condition
  • Broken or flawed restraints on rides
  • Ride breakdowns
  • Burns caused by exposed electrical wires or other hazardous conditions
  • Poor ride maintenance
  • Food poisoning
  • Improper spacing between water slide riders by the attendant, resulting in a collision in the slide or at the landing point

If you were hurt in a theme park incident and required medical care, you could have a claim for compensation. An Allentown amusement park injury attorney can assess your case and take legal action on your behalf after a serious injury.

Holding an Amusement Park Liable for an Injury

Almost every amusement park has lots of fine print on entry tickets and in other places that seem to make them immune from any kind of lawsuit over an injury on their property. However, these disclaimers do not prevent park guests injured directly by an employee’s negligence or many other scenarios from demanding a fair financial recovery and obtaining it.

Depending on how severe a guest’s injuries are and what long-term effects those injuries have on them, a civil claim could provide compensation for past and future medical bills, lost ability to work, lost income, physical pain, emotional harm, and loss of life’s pleasures. Your amusement park accident lawyer in Allentown can explain in more detail what losses you can recover, given the specifics of your case.

Talk to an Allentown Amusement Park Injury Attorney Today

Accidents at amusement parks can do more than just ruin a day out with friends or family. In many cases, these types of incidents can cause serious and even lifelong harm, often because just one park employee or associated company failed to act in a reasonable way.

An Allentown amusement park injury lawyer can be a crucial ally after an accident at Dorney Park or any other park in Pennsylvania. Jon Ostroff and the rest of our winning team are ready to fight for the compensation you deserve­– give us a call today to get started.