Allentown Medication Error Lawyer

Anyone who depends on at least one prescription medication to treat a short-term or long-term medical condition can imagine how much pain they might be in if they didn’t have it. Unfortunately, when your doctor doesn’t prescribe you the right medicine for your specific condition or your pharmacist doesn’t fill your prescription correctly, your pain and suffering may be anything but imaginary.

As our experienced medical malpractice attorneys know, figuring out who’s to blame for this sort of mistake can be hard enough on its own. Holding a person liable for all your ensuing losses is difficult. Fortunately, you have help available from an Allentown medication error lawyer at Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers who knows from past experience how to fight and win on behalf of people just like you.

Suing a Doctor for Writing the Wrong Prescription

Like other medical errors serious and harmful enough to qualify as malpractice, it’s fairly rare for a medication error to stem from just one person’s misconduct. Certain types of medical professionals are more likely to be at fault for this sort of mistake than others. The doctor who wrote your prescription in the first place may have misdiagnosed your condition altogether, misinterpreted test results, or failed to communicate clearly with other members of their staff.

Other staff members and the people performing tests often share at least some of the civil liability for injuries caused by medication errors. As an Allentown medication error attorney can further explain, any medical professional whose failure to meet the standard of care expected of them based on their skills and experience may be legally liable for damages when their misconduct leads to a patient getting the wrong medicine and suffering serious physical harm as a result.

What If a Medication Error Happens at the Pharmacy?

Of course, medication errors don’t always happen at the doctor’s office or hospital where you first got a prescription written. Sometimes, they happen at the pharmacy where you got that prescription filled. There are several types of mistakes and different people that may play a role in someone getting the wrong prescription, from individual pharmacists to pharmacy managers to even third-party suppliers in certain situations.

Getting the wrong dosage of medication can serve as grounds for a lawsuit just as much as getting the wrong medicine altogether can. You can demand recovery with help from our medication errors lawyers in Allentown for the harm you suffered because you didn’t get the right medicine and for negative side effects you experienced because of the medicine you actually ended up taking.

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No matter how it happens or who’s involved, getting the wrong medication for the disease or chronic condition you need treatment for can have devastating consequences. Fortunately, you have a right to demand fair financial compensation for the harm you’ve suffered because of negligence by your doctors, pharmacists, or both.

Guidance from a well-known Allentown medication error lawyer can make a world of difference in your chances of achieving a positive result from your unique case. Learn more by calling today. You won’t owe us anything until we win the compensation you deserve.