The Mattie Dixon Community Cupboard Food Drive

Thanksgiving quickly came and went. This year in honor of the holiday, we hosted a Food Drive to support the Mattie Dixon Community Cupboard and its efforts to fight against food insecurity issues in the Montgomery County Community. Whether people celebrated the holiday or not, this was an opportunity to help our community and a reminder that we go higher when our community works together.

We at Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers were happy to support an organization such as Mattie Dixon because they are a group creating change in our community. The organization specializes in working with local individuals and families whose incomes fall within 150% of Federal poverty guidelines and has been doing so since 1973.

We accepted food donations at our office that went directly to the Mattie Dixon Community Cupboard. We truly appreciate everyone that donated and helped provide meals to community members. Stay safe and enjoy the holiday season!