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What Is A Release?


Hi, I’m John Ostroff, thanks for visiting OstroffLaw.com. You’ve clicked on the question, What is a release? I’m gonna answer that question for you.

A release is a what we call a document that you sign in order settle your case. If there are multiple parties in your case, you’ll be signing releases with each of those parties. The formal name for that is a release of all claims typically. You have to be careful with signing releases. If you have multiple parties in your case and you sign a release with one it can interfere with your claims with others. It is exactly what it says, it’s a release of all claims. So if it’s not word properly, if there’s language in there that shouldn’t be, it could impact other claims that you may have. Let’s say that in the course of your care from your automobile accident, that your medical treatment, that you’re the victim of medical malpractice. Most insurance companies are going to include releases that release them from everything imaginable, including claims that might have arisen from your crash but then have nothing to do with them. So if you’re treating for, you need surgery for a back injury from an auto accident, you find out after you settle your auto accident claim that the doctor made an error that caused you serious harm. That release could end up preventing you from pursuing that claim if that wording isn’t removed from the release. It’s common that when we get a release on a settled case for a client we go back and forth over the language a couple of times with the insurance company and have them remove certain things in that release. Also if you have a third party claim against one or more parties you may also have insurance called UM or UIM. UIM is the one that is really gonna matter. In fact if you look at the bottom of this screen, you’ll see that you can click on this question where I answer and discuss questions about UIM insurance coverage. That coverage could be wiped out if you don’t take the proper legal steps before signing any releases. So releases can have a big impact on your right to obtain a full recovery from the parties that caused you harm, and your lawyer should be paying a lot of attention, make sure you understand everything your release says. And that everything that shouldn’t be in it isn’t and that it’s carefully reviewed before you actually sign off on it. I hope this information’s helpful. Thanks

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