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Distracted Driving


Hi, I’m Jon Ostroff. Thanks for visiting ostrofflaw.com. You’ve clicked on the question about distracted driving. Wanna speak about that.

Distracted driving includes someone that is driving while texting, while on their phone, while they’re distracted. If someone is on their phone or texting while they’re driving, there’s a substantially higher chance that they’re gonna make a mistake while they’re driving and they’re gonna be responsible for a crash. In fact, more driving crashes are caused now by distracted drivers than drunk drivers. If you’re texting while you’re driving or you’re on the phone while you’re driving, your brain simply can’t do two things at once to the degree they have to to drive safely and juries get that now.

Juries understand that when they look over, they see someone driving and texting, that they’re a risk. And they reward our clients more money if we can prove that that person was distracted when they were driving. They were driving a tractor trailer and they were texting or they were on their phone. Again, much more dangerous except this time it’s with a 20 ton vehicle and a much more dangerous vehicle. And they’re a commercial driver that’s supposed to be a professional driver. We always wanna get phone records, records that can document whether they were texting or on the phone at the time of the crash or very close in time to the crash. When we get those records, we’re more able to prove through a witness, an eye witness because we get to the crash scene early and investigate vigorously.

If we can prove that a driver was driving, while they were distracted when they injured our client, that makes the case substantially more viable just as a drunk driving case has greater value because it’s not really an accident. It’s more of a predictable outcome. I hope that answers your question. Thanks.

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