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Personal Injury Settlements

$17+ Million
$3.1 Million
$5.5 Million
$4.1 Million
$2.7 Million
$3.7 Million
Union County, Pennsylvania

$17 million+ verdict and paid settlements in recoveries for a group of clients against Greyhound Bus Company, after they tried to blame a small, independently-owned truck company for a Union County, PA crash. Ostroff Injury Law spent six weeks on trial against Greyhound and proved they were the sole cause of this crash. Not only did the jury agree with Ostroff, they rendered a verdict that included $2million extra as a punishment to Greyhound.

We represented injured passengers from all over America and the world against Greyhound, the largest bus company in America. Greyhound (and the Pennsylvania State Police) blamed the driver of a truck that was destroyed in this highway collision on Route 80, near Lewisburg and Williamsport, PA. We found witnesses nationwide who provided evidence that led to a jury verdict that was split into two amounts. $3.5 million (pain and suffering “compensatory” verdict) was intended to compensate our clients for their injuries and $2 million more (“punitive damages”) was awarded to punish Greyhound for its reckless conduct that led to this crash. With delay damages, Greyhound currently owes our clients over $6 million as a result of this jury verdict from a six week trial. Greyhound also paid settlements in excess of $11 million to our other clients that were hurt in this crash.

Clearfield County, Route 80, Northwest PA

Mediated settlement of $3.1 million for truck driver injured in a Clearfield County, PA crash caused by another negligent tractor trailer driver and company.

Our client was badly injured in one of the worst truck crashes (over 50 involved trucks) in Pennsylvania history. It happened in a blinding snowstorm on Route 80 in western PA and we found the trucker that caused it. We collected $3.1m from his employer, thanks to “The Recorded Statement” Jon Ostroff took from the at fault tractor trailer driver only days after the crash. The trucker’s employer could not overcome this damning statement and they paid our client $3.1 million dollars.

Philadelphia Verdict

$5.5 million in compensatory and punitive damage verdict in Philadelphia County against Greyhound Bus Company on behalf of four injured passengers.

Ostroff Law obtained a $5.5 million verdict for four passengers injured when a Greyhound bus slammed into a tractor trailer on I-80 in Pennsylvania. The jury found Greyhound and its driver to be reckless, and they awarded the passengers $3.05 million in compensatory damages and $2 million in (rarely awarded) punitive damages. Case story/Jon Ostroff were featured on CNN.

Lancaster County, PA

$4.1 million in settlements against Greyhound for a small group of passengers injured in a 2011 PA Turnpike crash in Lancaster County, PA.

The Greyhound bus driver lost control of his bus and after being all over the Pennsylvania Turnpike in Lancaster County, he hit a berm and the bus rolled over. He blamed his steering equipment. We blamed him. We were right, and we collected $4.1 million for our injured clients.

Butler County, Pennsylvania

$2.7 million settlement against a commercial van company for an injured mother and daughter. We recovered $1.8 million for the injured mother within about a year of this crash.

Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

$3.7 million pre-trial settlement for female bicyclist injured by truck operator. A truck driver slammed into our young client’s bike and propelled her over 100 feet in the air.

The truck driver’s employer tried to avoid responsibility, claiming this crash occurred while the driver (with virtually no insurance) was “off the clock”. We proved he was “on the clock” and his negligence was his employer’s legal responsibility. We collected $3.7 million dollars from the truck driver’s employer for our young client.


Verdicts & Settlements Across PA

Jon Ostroff has successfully handled, settled, or reviewed over 25,000 personal injury cases in 25 years!

See how Jon has put his experience to work by achieving impressive results for his clients. Below are just a few examples of some of Ostroff Injury Law’s personal injury settlements. Call Jon Ostroff at (800) 818-8148 and let him fight for the maximum recovery allowed under the law.

$1.95 million settlement
Philadelphia County, PA
Tom Brintzenhofe was injured when the car he was driving ran into a van that failed to obey a stop sign.


Tom initially appeared to suffer only minor injuries, but over a two-year period he required two surgeries and was unable to continue in his previous job. By showing the van driver caused this motor vehicle accident and was violating his employer’s safety policies, Jon Ostroff obtained a nearly two-million dollar settlement for his client!


$1.3 million recovery
Luzerne County, PA
$1.3 million recovery in a medical malpractice claim for a woman who had a nerve cut by her general surgeon, causing injuries to her shoulder and arm.
$3 million verdict
Philadelphia County, PA
A $3 million verdict on behalf of a 21 year old aspiring opera singer who sustained multiple injuries.


AS a passenger on a Greyhound bus crash on I-80 in Pennsylvania, our client sustained cervical spine injuries, non- displaced broken bones in her foot, displaced tibia fibula fracture requiring surgery, skull and facial fractures and a traumatic brain injury. The jury found that both Greyhound and the bus driver acted recklessly and awarded compensatory and punitive damages. There was no formal settlement offer made during trial.


NYC 9/11
Victim’s Compensation Claim
Jon was one of the first attorneys to try a case before the 9/11 Victim’s Compensation Board and received an award of $1.8 million on behalf of the estate of one victim, and a $1.6 million award on behalf of a survivor.
$1.3 million award
Wayne County, PA
$1.3 million award to a man who sustained a severe ankle injury when his car was hit by a drunk driver.


While the insurer had only a $500,000 insurance policy, Jon obtained an award of over 2½ times this amount for his client!


$2.5 million recovery
Philadelphia County, PA
Philadelphia County, PA: $2.5 million against major transportation company for injured passenger who required a foot surgery.
$3.1 million recovery
Allegheny County, PA
A $3.1 million mediation recovery for a husband, wife, and daughter after the mother suffered a severe hip and leg injury, and the daughter suffered a severe leg injury, in a high speed collision.


Originally, the commercial van causing the accident blamed a vehicle that left the scene and Jon was able to prove otherwise. Jon resolved two of the three claims within only a year of the accident, and the daughter’s claim was resolved shortly thereafter!


$800,000 settlement
Chester County, PA
Rich Godshall obtained an $800,000 settlement on behalf of a client who was injured when a commercial van rear-ended his vehicle. As a result of the injuries sustained during the accident, the client required arthroscopic surgery on his knee as well as an operation on his lower back.
$750,000 truck crash verdict
Centre County, PA

$750,000 truck crash verdict in Centre County, PA. Insurance company final pre-trial settlement offer $30,000. Jury awarded plaintiff 25 times the pre-trial offer.


In June 2018, Ostroff Injury Law obtained a $750,000.00 verdict in Centre County, PA, on behalf of a man injured in a 2014 truck crash. The firm’s client, Seth Nazarack, suffered significant back injuries. In a three-day trial in this rural, conservative county, the firm proved that Nazarak’s injuries and subsequent inability to continue his job as a dump truck operator were a result of this crash. The Centre County jury awarded a verdict of $750,000 in favor of Nazarak, which was 25 times the amount offered by the insurance company prior to trial.

By the numbers:
Cincinnati Insurance Company Settlement Offer (pre-trial): $30,000
Jury Verdict: $750,000


$675,000 Verdict
Philadelphia County, PA
$675,000 against a commercial transportation company for a client who sustained a neck injury, but didn’t require surgery.


$625,000 verdict for a female Greyhound passenger who underwent six months of chiropractic visits for a back sprain and strain, following a commercial vehicle accident. She also suffered a concussion when the Greyhound bus driver recklessly slammed her bus into a tractor trailer in central Pennsylvania. Two different Greyhound representatives (one of them the manager of Greyhound’s Cleveland Terminal) entered her hospital room at different times on the day of the crash, one of them offering her $1,000 to settle her injury claim against Greyhound, even though he was aware she was admitted as a patient with a concussion and was “groggy.” She was later offered $45,000 prior to the commencement of trial.


$700,000 Recovery
Allegheny County, PA
$700,000 for client who sustained shoulder and neck injuries, as well as injuries affecting his balance.
$575,000 verdict
Passenger who suffered from spinal strain and sprain
$575,000 verdict on behalf of a passenger who suffered from spinal strain and sprain as a result of a commercial bus accident.


The client was a passenger in a Greyhound bus when the driver recklessly crashed into a tractor trailer on I-80 in Pennsylvania. Greyhound’s final settlement offer for her personal injury offer claim was $22,500. The jury awarded her a verdict that was over 23 times this amount.


$525,000 Recovery
Philadelphia County, PA
$525,000 against a commercial transportation company for a client who sustained an injury to his nose, requiring surgery, a scar and emotional injury.
$471,000 Award
Dauphin County, PA (Eastern District Federal Court)
$471,000 award for a client who sustained neck and shoulder injuries that required surgery.
$400,000 Car Crash Verdict
Lancaster County, PA

Ostroff Law client was offered $1,000 before trial. After verdict, client was paid nearly four times the amount of State Farm’s insurance coverage of $100,000.


Partner Richard Godshall obtained a verdict in December 2018 on behalf of an Ostroff Injury Law client whose long-standing, prior neck and back injuries were aggravated in a 2015 crash. State Farm offered the client $1,000, arguing that the she was not injured or was hardly injured, since this was a minor crash with hardly any damage her car. At the end of a two day trial and less than 45 minutes of jury deliberations, Godshall’s client received a verdict of $400,000.

By the numbers:
State Farm Insurance Policy: $100,000
State Farm Pre-Trial Offer: $1,000
Jury Verdict: $400,000
Post-verdict amount paid shortly after verdict: $375,000


$111,000 Pedestrian Accident Verdict
Montgomery County, PA
$111,000 Montgomery County verdict payment to pedestrian struck by car. State Farm Insurance Company’s maximum pre-trial settlement offer was $23,000.Following the verdict, State Farm paid nearly five times its best offer, which was over the amount of the insurance policy it carried for its insured.


In August 2018, Ostroff Injury Law obtained a $100,000 jury verdict in Montgomery County, PA on behalf of a woman who was struck by a car, causing her to suffer injuries to her knees. State Farm refused to offer more than $23,000, claiming that the client only sustained minor injuries to her knees, especially since surgery wasn’t required. In a three-day trial, Ostroff Law’s client was awarded a verdict of $100,000. State Farm paid the verdict amount of $100,000, plus the delay damages and costs, for a total of nearly $111,000.
By the numbers:
State Farm Insurance Policy: $100,000
State Farm Maximum Pre-Trial Offer: $23,000
Jury Verdict: $111,000 with Delay Damages


You deserve to be compensated for personal injuries caused by others.

The insurance industry knows that accident victims who are represented by lawyers are likely to obtain significantly higher personal injury settlements, verdicts and recoveries than victims who represent themselves. The fact is that personal injury victims who are represented by attorneys typically settle for multiples of the amount that personal victims who are not represented by counsel receive.

Don’t settle for less than you deserve. Obtain the advantages that an experienced lawyer can provide you. Call Ostroff Injury Law at (800) 818-8148 and let the personal injury lawyers of Ostroff Injury Law handle your claim! We will fight to get you the highest possible settlement.

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