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Godshall Obtains $1M Settlement

On October 30, 2017, our client was traveling on Interstate 81 in Cumberland County, PA, when a car further ahead of him veered out of its lane and slammed into the guardrail. Our client had to slam on the brakes of his tractor trailer in order to avoid being involved in this accident ahead. Unfortunately, the driver behind our client, who was operating a large RV motor home, failed to stop his vehicle in time and smashed into the rear of our client’s trailer. The RV driver was cited for rear-ending our client.

As a result of the injuries he sustained in the crash, our client ultimately underwent very invasive and painful cervical fusion surgery and bone grafting. Despite the surgery, our client still lives with neck pain for which he continues to seek treatment. In addition, he remains unable to work in any fashion through orders of his own doctors.

At mediation, Richard Godshall was successful in obtaining a $1M settlement for our client that was the full limit of the defendant’s personal umbrella insurance policy.

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