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It is Time to Notice What Kids do RIGHT in the Fight Against Distracted Driving

All too often, on this blog and in the general media, we focus on what kids do wrong. We talk about the number of teenagers texting and driving and the statistics surrounding teen distracted driving accidents. We talk about individual kids who have been hurt because they were distracted behind the wheel. This reporting is important if other teens (and adults) learn from the mistakes that have been made.

However, there may also be another, more positive, way to involve teenagers in the fight against distracted driving. Maybe it is time for parents, injury accident attorneys, and others to acknowledge what kids are doing right and to make an example of the kids deserving of praise. If, for example, you and your child have entered a distracted driving contract that your child has honored, if your child has refrained from texting and driving, and if your child has a good driving record, then you may have tips that you can share with other families to prevent distracted driving accidents.

Let’s work together. Let’s recognize the good things our children are doing. Let’s end distracted driving accidents in Pennsylvania and across the nation with every tool that we have.

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