What to Do When You are Hurt by a Car While Inside a Building

What to Do When You are Hurt by a Car While Inside a Building

Single car, multi car, pedestrian, bicycle, motorcycle and truck crashes may make up the majority of Pennsylvania auto accidents, but they are not the only types of motor vehicle accidents and injuries.  Unfortunately, people who are inside homes, restaurants, workplaces, schools and other structures may also be at risk of car accident injuries.

What Happens When A Car Crashes into a Building

If a car crashes into a building, the people inside the building and in the car are vulnerable to serious injuries and death.  Just last week, four people were seriously injured when a car drove into a Montgomery County Taco Bell.  Two people were airlifted to the hospital, one was taken by ambulance, and the fourth was still stuck under the vehicle as the others were transported to area hospitals.

Contact an Attorney

If you have been hurt by a car while in a building then you may have the right to recover damages just as you would if you were hurt while in a car.  For more information about your rights, please contact an auto accident lawyer for a free consultation.